Moira & Calvin Are Living Their Best Lives Together Post-Love Island

It's all in the Instagram Stories.

Adam Torgerson/CBS Entertainment

While the fan-favorite couple failed to come in first in the finale, Moira and Calvin’s Love Island romance appears to still be growing strong. America voted for Justine and Caleb as the No. 1 couple (and, not to mention, recipients of the $100,000 prize) on the Love Island USA Season 2 finale on Wednesday, with Cely and Johnny coming in at second place and Moira and Calvin ranking in at third. Despite the loss, though, Moira and Calvin appear to be living their best post-Love Island lives together.

Judging from their respective Instagram accounts, Moira and Calvin appear to still be a couple. The two have been excessively re-sharing posts from fans declaring the duo their favorite couple on their Instagram Stories. (This isn’t exactly the social media etiquette that would be employed by two people who’ve split.) More so, the two have documented themselves out and about in Las Vegas, where the season was filmed, while taking some much-needed breathers in the wake of production.

Calvin shared a series of Instagram Stories from Gordon Ramsay’s Hell's Kitchen restaurant with Moira and some friends last night, where he enjoyed a steak dinner. Later, he shared footage of the crew toasting to the end of the season at the Caesars Palace hotel. “I just wanna thank all of y’all for your support and your love,” he said in one Instagram Story video. “I will be taking the next couple of days to spend time with my family and friends, and I’ll be reaching out to y'all soon.”

On her own Instagram Story from the evening, Moira shared a clip of herself and Calvin taste-testing some maple donuts and gelato. And, honestly, when delicious maple donuts and gelato are involved, a No. 3 ranking feels pretty trivial.

Calvin and Moira first coupled up in week two of the season. After a series of on and off couplings and mismatches with other people in the villa (or, in this particular COVID-19 quarantine case, Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas), the duo got back together again during week five and stayed a couple until the finale. In the last episode, the two spoke about how they looked forward to continuing their romance. “I see us furthering what we have together,” Moira said. “I know that deep down we have something special and I look forward to seeing where it goes.” Calvin echoed her sentiments and said, “I want to continue outside of this villa experience into the world.”