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The Bachelorette’s Aven Is A Fan Favorite In The Making

Meet one of the possible frontrunners.

by Kadin Burnett
Aven Jones, 'Bachelorette' contestant

The return of The Bachelorette is bigger than ever before. Season 19 will be headlined by none other than Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, two of the three finalists from Clayton Echard’s hectic season. As members of Bachelor Nation are aware, the leads are only a part of what makes a season special. It’s the contestants who really make this a show to watch. Whether they are a villain, a romantic, or someone with a really odd job, the eligible bachelors bring a lot of character to the reality series —  which leads us to 28-year-old Aven Jones.

According to Aven’s official ABC bio, he’s looking for someone “loyal, honest, and able to organically bring out his fun side.” He’s ready to find his soulmate, which bodes well for Gabby and Rachel who are hoping to find love in this new season. Here’s everything we know about Aven’s Bachelorette journey so far.

Aven’s Job

Aven is a sales representative from San Diego, California. A quick gander through his LinkedIn page offers a little more insight into his employment history. He started work in marketing and got into software implementation before finally landing in medical sales. He’s been working as a medical sales rep since late 2017, eventually getting promoted to account executive. That said, Aven’s resume goes beyond the world of healthcare and onto the basketball court. The current contestant suited up as a guard for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Corsairs where he played for three seasons.

Aven’s Instagram

At the time of The Bachelorette’s premiere, Aven has only 18 photos populating his Instagram feed, ranging from 2016 to 2022. A quick scroll across his grid reveals some throwback photos of Aven posing with friends. The rest of his photos show off his fashion sense, like his affinity for streetwear, his style choices for patios, and his decision to tuck his sweatpants into his socks, much to the delight of some followers. Others may prefer Aven’s more colorful — and even shirtless — style for the beach, however.

How Does Aven Do In The Bachelorette Season 19?

Potential spoilers ahead. In a brief trailer featuring the contestants, Aven gets a little more screen time than expected. While most of the guys appear in a staged and slightly awkward dance video, the trailer has a couple of frames of Aven looking distraught. That could be a clue that producers want audiences to become familiar with Aven. There are also been rumors that the 28-year-old makes it pretty far in Season 19. If you’d like to avoid being potentially spoiled, it’s probably best to stop reading now.

According to the Instagram account Bachelorwhatever, Aven makes quite an impression on one of the leads, so much so that he and a certain bachelorette share a one-on-one date in Belgium. If you were curious enough to check the link, you’ll know which lead we’re talking about. And you’ll also know who’s final four he’s allegedly a part of, which means Reality Steve’s spoiler about a specific hometown visit may just turn out to be true. Whether Aven ultimately finds true love still remains to be seen, but we can assure you he’s definitely one to watch.