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8 Moments From The Euros Final Worth Smiling About

Despite England’s loss – and the horrific behaviour of fans in the hours following – there are still scenes to celebrate from last night.

by Bustle UK

Last night’s Euros final match is believed to be one of the most-watched TV events in UK history, with die-hard football fans and sports novices alike turning up in their millions to watch England play Italy.

Gareth Southgate’s team started out strong, with Luke Shaw scoring an impressive goal for England with only one minute and 57 seconds on the clock. However, Italy later pulled it back with Leonardo Bonucci scoring midway through the second half. The game went into overtime and, eventually, penalties, where England missed out by just one point.

For England fans the result was, of course, devastating – especially since the team had not played in a major men’s final tournament since 1966. Sadly, what unfolded after the match made the loss feel all the worse, with physical disturbances breaking out among viewers and vitriolic racist abuse being directed towards Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Bukayo Saka. The racism extended to non-players too, with Black people across the country being subject to abusive behaviour and extreme threats.

Among the sadness and the shameful post-match behaviour, however, were glimmers of joy. Moments we can cling on to. Every member of England squad played exceptionally well and the majority of the crowd at Wembley – including some famous faces – gave us gleeful reactions to remember.

The loss was gut-wrenching and the reaction was even worse, but, if you need something to smile about this morning, these nine moments may help.

Luke Shaw Makes Euros History

Eddie Keogh - The FA/The FA Collection/Getty Images

Before fans even had time to finish their first pint, Luke Shaw played an absolutely blinder and hit the back of the net before the game had reached its two minute mark. Shaw’s goal – which saw England fans go wild – was the the fastest to ever be scored in Euros’ history. Now that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Prince George Hugs His Mum & Dad

Among the elated England fans was Prince George, who watched the game alongside his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. After Shaw scored, George shared a hug with both his mum and dad – a sweet display of public affection that we rarely see between royals.

David Beckham & Tom Cruise’s Fist Bump

Hands up if you had this one on your 2021 bingo card? After Shaw’s goal, two celebrity worlds collided in the most unexpected way, with David Beckham and Tom Cruise sharing a cheeky fist bump in the celebrity section of the stands.

Kate Moss’ Cameo


Speaking of the celebrity section, who else spotted Kate Moss’ cameo last night? Sitting mere inches from DB & the Mission Impossible actor was Britain’s most iconic ’90s it girl and her daughter, Lila.

The “Mrs Grealish” T-Shirt

The Jack Grealish thirst was strong this tournament and no one summed it up better than this England fan holding a “Mrs Grealish” shirt with the number 69 on it. Sadly we know the real Mrs Grealish was probably sitting elsewhere in the stands but we admire this woman’s dedication to the cause.

Marcus Rashford Shirtless

National treasure Marcus Rashford is adored for his sportsmanship, his kindness, his philanthropy, and – let’s face it – his gorgeous, gorgeous abs. When the cameras panned to the young forward changing shirts ahead of his appearance on the pitch, millions of women across the nation swooned. “Major respect for the camera person who stayed on shirtless Marcus Rashford for so long,” one viewer tweeted. “As if my blood pressure wasn't high enough @MarcusRashford shirtless,” said another.

Pickford’s Saves

Eddie Keogh - The FA/The FA Collection/Getty Images

The penalties were almost too tense to watch but Jordan Pickford’s saves were certainly something to be proud of, with fans lauding his skills as “outstanding” and “heroic.”

The Team Comforting Bukayo Saka

Visionhaus/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Immense pressure was placed on the shoulders of 19-year-old Bukayo Saka last night when he was chosen to take the deciding penalty shot for England. The young player – who has performed with exceptional skill during his time for England – was left heartbroken after missing the goal. Despite the abuse he faced online in the hours afterwards, Saka’s teammates were quick to shower him with the love and support he deserved.

Gareth Southgate & Bukayo Saka’s Hug

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Also on hand to comfort Saka was Gareth Southgate, who knows all too well what it’s like to lose out on an important penalty shot. The coach held Saka in a heartwarming embrace while the younger player cried. After the match was over, Southgate took responsibility for the loss, saying “I chose the guys to take the kicks. I told the players that nobody is on their own in that situation. We win and lose together as a team. They have been tight throughout and that’s how it needs to stay. It is my decision to give him [Saka] that penalty. That is totally my responsibility. It is not him or Marcus or Jadon. We worked through them in training. That is the order we came to.”