These YA Romances Will Tide You Over Until The Kissing Booth 3 Drops

Plus their heroes are just as hot as Noah Flynn.

The Kissing Booth 2

The Kissing Booth 2 was one of Netflix's biggest releases of the summer. And while fans are thrilled that there will be a third Kissing Booth coming to the streaming platform, it won't drop until 2021. So in the meantime, those hungry for more YA love stories can tide themselves over with these 20 books like The Kissing Booth.

Based on Beth Reekles' novel of the same name, The Kissing Booth centers on Elle, a teenage girl who finds her lifelong BFF-ship with Lee threatened when she falls for Lee's older brother, Noah. Because Elle and Lee have agreed never to date one another's relatives, she and Noah must carry on a secret relationship when sparks fly between them, hiding their affair from Lee.

Whether you tune into The Kissing Booth for the cheesy romance vibes or the tales of young love, there's a book or three on the list below that will keep your rom-com-loving heart satisfied until The Kissing Booth 3 comes out. Here are 20 books like The Kissing Booth to read in bed tonight:

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Marva is beyond ready to vote in her first election, but she takes on a new mission in the line to the polling booth, when she sees Duke turned away without a ballot. Together, the two young people set out on a citywide search for Duke's polling place, sparking an unexpected connection along the way.


A slow-burn romance between formal rivals heats up in this fandom-focused rom-com. By day, Rhodes and Iliana are locked in the fight for a single, competitive scholarship at their conservatory. By night, they're writing a collaborative webcomic and cozying up to each other virtually, neither one realizing that their online crush is their in-class nemesis.


Oct. 6

On TV, Marcus stars as the totally hot hero of everyone's favorite book-based drama... and a character completely different from his original book persona. A fan of the books himself, he vents online by writing anonymous fanfiction in an attempt to set the record straight for his character. When he realizes that his publicity-fueled date with April, a plus-size cosplayer, is actually a chance at romance with his online BFF, Marcus must decide whether keeping his online identity a secret is worth giving up a chance at true love.


When her personal and professional lives hit the skids at the same time, Layla packs her bags and heads home to work in the office space above her father's restaurant. She didn't expect to be sharing her cramped quarters with Sam, a remote-working CEO, nor did she realize her father was going to fix her love life by setting her up with men from the Internet. Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, sparks begin to fly for Layla in this uproarious rom-com.


Everyone knows that the Techavacharas don't let their daughters date. But when their twins decide to continue not-dating in college, rather than getting married like they're supposed to, the couple decide to do things a little differently with younger daughter Winnie. Her dad knows just the right boy for her — her ex-BFF — and her mom knows all the right places to go on dates — cribbed from the notes of Mrs. Techavachara's favorite rom-coms. What could possibly go wrong?


Podcaster Luke is coasting through life, but the woman he's crushing on hard, Vada, has her whole life planned out. Today, music blogging. Tomorrow, the world. Luke isn't even on her radar... until someone leaks his angsty new song about a girl.


Talia Hibbert's sequel to Get a Life, Chloe Brown focuses on Chloe's sister, Danika, who just wants a simple, fulfilling, no-strings-attached, friends-with-benefits kind of relationship. When she's rescued by her building's rugby-playing security guard in a viral story, the Internet starts to ship them as #DrRugbae. Playing along with Zaf's publicity plan — by fake-dating him, of course — might be the only way for Dani to get what she wants.


At 33, Andrea Tang is moments away from achieving her longterm goal: making partner in her Singaporean law firm. But as the only unmarried cousin in her big, Chinese-Malaysian family, Andrea's not living up to what her family expects of her. She just wants to make herself and everyone else happy. Why is that so hard?


Six months after dumping Alistair, her BFF-turned-almost-boyfriend, for total hottie Ben, Emilia starts to wonder if she's made the right decision. She gets the chance to preview what life with Alistair could be like, but something's gone wrong. Instead of starting over from the beginning of her new relationship, Emilia finds herself living in unexpected circumstances, with no way to go back.


Growing up poor in a small, mostly wealthy midwestern town hasn't been easy for Liz, but she's got a plan to change her stars. She's going to get into her top-choice school and say goodbye to Campbell, Indiana forever. But when Liz's well-made financial plans fall through, she's forced to throw her tiara into the ring for prom queen in the hopes of winning a scholarship. She's not in her element, but a newfound friendship — and maybe more — with a fellow competitor makes her feel a little bit better about it all.


Just as Aubrey's trying to get her bakery off the ground, one food critic's bad review of her business threatens everything she's worked so hard to build. She would be able to fall back into the arms of her one-night-stand and maybe booty call... but it turns out he's the food critic who tanked her business. He wants to make amends, but can Aubrey find it in herself to give him a chance?


Pepper and Jack don't see eye-to-eye on much. She's an overachiever whose family owns the Big League Burger restaurant chain, and he's an academic troublemaker who spends his days working at his family's deli. But when Big League Burger steals Jack's grandma's grilled cheese recipe, Pepper and Jack find themselves duking it out on their biggest battlefield yet: social media.


Pinky and Samir are nothing alike. She's an activist who'll take on any injustice, and he hates rocking the boat. When Pinky's parents lay into her about not finding a nice boy to date, she convinces Samir to be her fake boyfriend for the summer. They have nothing in common... but could they maybe find love anyway?


Kit and her brother spend their time working as a wench and a knight at their local dinner theater, much to her chagrin. She'd rather joust like her brother, but management won't let her. Figuring it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission, Kit disguises herself as a knight, and reveals her true identity after she's proved she's just as good as the boys. Management doesn't like it, but getting their Girl Knight to give up won't be easy.


Iva-Marie Palmer's Gimme Everything You Got is a late-Seventies coming-of-age story brimming with nostalgia. High-school junior Susan is sexually inexperienced and curious about a very wrong-for-her man: her school's soccer coach. She goes out for the team, hoping to get cozy with him, but winds up staying for the love of the game. She's never been the sporty type, so what does this mean about who she is, deep inside?


One of the year's most celebrated debuts, Suzanne Park's Loathe at First Sight centers on Melody, a rookie game developer who jokes her way into creating her company's newest IP: a mobile title about post-apocalyptic male strippers. She'll have to work twice as hard as before to prove she's got what it takes, but that's no easy feat with Nolan — her definitely sexy, probably worthless intern — by her side.


Two college-bound teens find themselves growing closer over the course of one fateful night in Seattle in Rachel Lynn Solomon's Today Tonight Tomorrow. After spending all of high school neck-and-neck for the same awards and recognition, Neil and Rowan are finally set to part ways. But when a complication forces them to work together, for once, in a battle royale from which only one of them can emerge victorious, they might finally learn that there's more to life than winning.


Plus-size fashion blogger Bea loves Main Squeeze: the cheesy reality show that puts conventionally attractive men and women together, trying to make a camera-friendly love match. She hates the fact that no one on Main Squeeze ever looks like her, but that may change sooner than she thinks. The show wants Bea to star in its upcoming season, giving her the opportunity to change her problematic fave from the inside. She doesn't expect to fall in love, but love has other plans...


Willa loves her seaside life, which includes working at a North Carolina sailing shop and running a sailing-themed Instagram. She's one of the sport's biggest influencers, but she runs aground when her loyal followers get her a spot in a televised competition. Thousands could find out her deepest secret: Willa's a fraud. She doesn't know how to sail, but now she's got no choice but to learn. Lane, who has won the championship in question four years running, is willing to help her, but will she be just a tutor... or something more?


When her BFF writes a rom-com loosely based on her relationship with her boss, Chloe finds herself in the middle of a media firestorm. Everyone thinks Nick is perfect for her, thanks to Annie, whose movie is on the verge of becoming Hollywood's next big hit. There's just one problem: Neither Nick nor Chloe is interested in romance... right?