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Bridgerton Star Nicola Coughlan Addresses Deleted Scene Rumor

Fans are convinced Penelope and Colin moments were cut from the show.

Nicola Nicola Coughlan addressed rumors of deleted scenes from Bridgerton Season 3, Pt. 2..
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Nicola Coughlan is setting the record straight. On June 20, the Bridgerton star addressed rumors that multiple love scenes between the Season 3 leads, Penelope Featherington (Coughlan) and Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), were cut from the Netflix drama.

“This is just a rumor,” the actor wrote under a behind-the-scenes video of herself and Newton. “I think you got all the Polin we had but there’s lots of BTS still to share.”

The rumors emerged after fans claimed the season didn’t include enough intimate moments between Penelope and Colin.

Coughlan isn’t the only cast or crewmember to have commented on the speculation. A day before, Bridgerton’s executive producer, Tom Verica, wrote on Instagram, “Not sure where this all came from but these claims are false. The supposed scenes ... don’t exist.”

A Polin Petition

A petition on asking Netflix to release the supposed missing scenes has spread among the Bridgerton fandom, gaining more than 67,000 signatures.

“Fans were left a bit unsatisfied with the lack of happy moments between the couple,” the petition reads. “Throughout the world tour, we were made to believe that we would see ‘Polin take on the world together,’ unfortunately that was not how most fans experienced Part 2.”

Colin and Penelope on Bridgerton.Netflix

A Scene That Was Actually Cut

While Coughlan and the Bridgerton EP have denied that any Polin moments were left out, one intimate scene didn’t make the final cut.

Martins Imhangbe (who plays Will Mondrich) recently disclosed to Digital Spy that he and Emma Naomi (who plays Alice) were scripted to act out a love scene in their characters’ new residence. “There was a whole scene written where Will and Alice do it everywhere,” Imhangbe said. “Then the kids interrupt.”

While the scene was ultimately left on the cutting room floor, the actor suggested that the moment might be “saved for another season.”