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Caroline Crouch’s Diaries Revealed Even More Harrowing Details Of Her Relationship

The 20-year-old's journal entries were a key piece of evidence in the investigation.

by Sophie McEvoy
Caroline Crouch on her wedding day
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On May. 11, 2021, Caroline Crouch, 20, was found dead in her home in Athens, Greece. According to Crouch’s husband Babis Anagnostopoulos, 33, home invaders tied him up and killed his wife. But as detailed in Channel 5’s documentary Caroline: The Murder That Fooled the World, Anagnostopoulos later confessed to killing his wife. Police used data from Crouch’s smart watch to prove that Anagnostopoulos had lied about the timeline of her death.

According to Athens News Agency, a 26-page police report was filed with the judicial authorities which contained entries from Crouch’s encrypted diary. Four entries have so far been leaked from the journal, which paints a very different picture to the “happy” marriage friends and family saw between Crouch and Anagnostopoulos.

She was happy in her marriage. She was a girl who had dreams,” Crouch’s friend and neighbour Lila said in the documentary, per The Sun. “We talked about the new house she was going to build. Her dreams. The dreams she had [for her daughter].” Even before their daughter was born, Crouch was considering leaving Anagnostopoulos. “After a few tears and a lot of shouting, I told him that before I fell pregnant I’d been thinking of leaving him,” she wrote in her diary, “but then after I became pregnant, I stayed with him so our daughter would not grow up without her two parents.”

Greek prosecutors have banned further publication of Crouch’s journal entries, as they “not only offend the victim’s memory… they may contribute to a favourable climate for the defendant and his line of defence,” Supreme Court prosecutor Vassilis Pliotis said.

The Sun also reports that an investigation is allegedly underway into how these passages were leaked to the press. As Metro notes, it’s believed that the rest of Crouch’s entries paint hers and Anagnostopoulos’ relationship as “controlling, possessive, and physically harmful.