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Chris Evans Had Major “FOMO” After Filming A 2010 Cult-Classic

“Leaving was heartbreaking.”

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Although best known as superhero Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, Marvel star Chris Evans gets FOMO just like the rest of us. During a recent interview with GQ, the actor recalled filming the 2010 adaptation of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, and revealed that he felt left out after wrapping up his brief appearance as Lucas in the cult classic. “Leaving was heartbreaking,” Evans told the outlet. “It truly was like the first time I was like, I mean, ‘I can just hang out guys if you need me.’ You don’t wanna miss a beat.”

Based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, the film follows the story of a struggling musician, who, while attempting to secure a record deal, is forced to battle the evil ex-boyfriends of his new girlfriend. Alongside Evans, the all-star cast includes the likes of Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Aubrey Plaza, Kieran Culkin, and Brie Larson, among others.

Speaking to GQ, Evans went on to describe rehearsals for the Edgar Wright-directed flick as “so fun” and “more physical based” than most of his other roles during that period. “Then you leave and come back a month later to do your bit and you just have such horrible FOMO,” the actor continued. “You just, ‘Well, what have you guys been doing? Have you had been having fun? Send me pictures.’”

Meanwhile, Evans went on to reference the Scott Pilgrim cast email chain, which the original novel series author O’Malley recently discussed with Entertainment Weekly. Speaking to the outlet, O’Malley revealed that lead star Cera had responded to an email from almost a decade earlier, ahead of the Netflix animated series Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, in which much of the film’s original cast will reprise their roles.

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“We were exchanging emails when the movie was coming out and then this thread went dormant for about nine years,” O’Malley explained. “Then, before this anime was even on the docket, Michael Cera responded to a meme someone had sent as if no time had passed. He just said, ‘Oh, that’s funny.’” Chris Evans responded like, ‘Michael, what the f**** are you doing responding to this email from nine years ago?’” he recalled. “And then we all started chatting again.”

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