Why Christine Quinn Embraced The Villain Role On Selling Sunset

“I’m going to give the world a show.”

Christine Quinn embraced the villain role on 'Selling Sunset.'
Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images/Getty Images

When it comes to Netflix’s reality hit Selling Sunset, there’s little doubt among fans that Christine Quinn is the show’s breakout star. Capitalising on her newfound fame, Quinn has gone on to release beauty collaborations, a shoe collection, and her debut book How to be a Boss B*tch. On the show, however, Quinn is better known for her over-the-top looks and drama with both production and castmates, making her quite the polarising figure. Now, Quinn has revealed why she embraced the villain role on Selling Sunset, and answered the question many fans have long been wondering: Is Selling Sunset scripted?

Speaking to The New York Times, the reality star shared that, while filming the Netflix series, she believed Selling Sunset producers were giving her a villain edit — something she decided to embrace. “I feel like I was the only one that understood the assignment,” she explained. “I was the only one that said, ‘Hey, this is a show, and I’m going to give the world a show.’”

Meanwhile, when asked about the authenticity of the show’s drama-filled storylines, Quinn added that there’s “no doubt” Selling Sunset is scripted.

This isn’t the first time Quinn has lifted the lid on behind-the-scenes Selling Sunset secrets. Speaking to Alex Cooper on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the reality star claimed that producers “intentionally edit out things” that show her in a more favourable light. “When we’re doing a lunch scene, that’s captured over three hours and then it’s cut down to 38 seconds ... You’re not seeing the full context,” she added.


Despite her grievances with the show, Quinn confirmed in May 2022 that she has every intention of returning for Selling Sunset Season 6. “The show is, like, my number one [and] everyone knows that,” she told Us Weekly. “But we just have to get creative now because I don’t work for The Oppenheim Group… Maybe it’s a battle of the brokerages,” she added.