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Clara Amfo Is Hosting A New Dating Show Where Astrology Is *Everything*

Is it fate, or is it bait?

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Have you ever wondered whether something… bigger is controlling your love life (or lack thereof…)? Well, broadcaster, podcaster, and proud Gemini Clara Amfo might just be able to help. Written In The Stars is the brand-new dating show experiment, hosted by Amfo, that puts people together based on their astrological birth charts. Think Love Island, but less my type on paper and more my type on tarot. Amfo wrote in her Instagram caption announcing the show that “whether you are a full-on astrology believer, cynic or indifferent, we can all agree that watching people navigate attraction and connection will never not be interesting” and we couldn’t agree more.

Joining Amfo will be three in-house astrologers — Francesca Oddie, Michele Knight and Colin Bedell — who specialise in birth chart-matching and guiding couples in relationships via astrology. Zodiac signs are increasingly becoming an integral part of pop culture, with singer-songwriter Steve Lacey recently releasing an album called Gemini Rights, and Olivia Rodrigo describing herself as a “spicy pisces” in her Instagram bio. Although, it is worth noting that, as is so often the case, Beyoncé did it first when she released A Gift From Virgo all the way back in 2003. But, now with the rise of astrology apps such as Co-Star (and not to mention all the meme accounts), it’s no wonder that people are thinking about the wider impact your sign could have on your dating life.

You can watch the show on discovery+. In a statement about the show, the broadcaster explaine that the 12 participants will be “representing each sign of the zodiac…. The cast of star-crossed lovers will live together for one lunar cycle to find out whether the heavens really do hold the answer to finding true love.” So, does this mean that there really could be such a thing as star-crossed lovers? Tune in to find out.

Written In The Stars will air on discovery+ in November 2022.