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The Claws Series Finale Will Show What It Cost Desna To Have It All

The Nail Artisans salon is closing after four seasons.

by Kadin Burnett
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MAY 15: (L-R) Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston and Judy Re...
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It’s time to finally retract the Claws: TNT’s criminal comedy is ending after four seasons.

Premiering in 2017 and starring Niecy Nash (Desna Simms), Jenn Lyon (Jennifer Husser), Carrie Preston (Polly Marks), Judy Reyes (Annalise Zayas), and Karrueche Tran (Virginia Loc), Claws followed five manicurists working in Manatee County, Florida who began laundering money for a neighboring pain clinic and eventually built their own criminal empire. The show received mostly positive reviews but middling ratings throughout its nearly five-year run. According to TNT executive Brett Weitz, now was the right time to end the story.

“The Claws ending is fulfilling as an ending of a series as you could want. It’s exactly what Desna and her band would want you to see,” he said during a May 2021 press call, per Deadline. “[It’s] a little bit of crazy, a lot of fun and the exhilarating ending to a great series run.”

Like many shows, Claws ran into setbacks during the pandemic. According to Deadline, the dark comedy was renewed for a fourth and final season in 2019, but production was halted in 2020 amid coronavirus complications. This forced filming for Season 4 to stretch into the summer of 2021. “Unfortunately because of covid, a lot of things had to get delayed and we had to reconstitute our schedule in the best possible way,” Weitz explained.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Now that the end is finally here, the cast is sad to say goodbye. "We have such a great chemistry. Our capacity for being completely and utterly silly with each other was limitless," Carrie Preston told Entertainment Weekly of her relationship with her co-stars. "We have a pretty solid 24/7 text thread going with a core group of us from the show to this day. So it's a show that I think is — even though it's over — going to stay with me for a long time, which I'm very grateful for."

Niecy Nash also shared some parting thoughts while speaking to the Washington Post in December 2021. “I enjoyed standing in [Desna’s] stilettos,” she said. As for what fans can expect from the finale, Nash left readers with an ominous promise: “You will see what it cost [Desna] to have it all.”