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Why Were Clare & Nick Giving Relationship Advice On The Bachelor?

This is the best we could do?

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Despite being touted as the most dramatic ending ever, the two-part finale for Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor still found time to include some filler. That padded runtime came thanks to a squad of Bachelor Nation experts to weigh in on Clayton’s fantasy suites fiasco. Enter: Michelle Young, Nick Viall, and Clare Crawley, some of the franchise’s most well-known leads. However, for as prominent as they are, two of those former leads don’t have the best track record when it comes to their dating history.

Amid Clayton’s hectic rose ceremony, where he was somehow able to convince both Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey to stay despite 20 minutes of tears, host Jesse Palmer opened the floor to some of Bachelor Nation’s best and brightest. He was joined on stage by the aforementioned former leads, all of whom offered their own thoughts on Clayton’s predicament. Despite having first-hand experience as to what it’s like being the face of the franchise, some viewers couldn’t help but notice the irony in someone like Clare or Nick giving out dating advice.

Given that Clare lasted just a handful of episodes on her season as the Bachelorette, viewers found it odd that she was qualified to give Clayton advice. After all, she decided that she’d found her person about 15 seconds after meeting him. And as for Nick, well, some members of Bachelor Nation can find him a little annoying, and his journey wasn’t exactly successful.

Although he wasn’t able to make things work after his season, Nick certainly knew what to say when it came to Clayton.

Needless to say, people really couldn’t believe that Clare was giving anyone advice on being the lead of the show.

At least viewers seemed mostly happy to see Michelle on their screens tonight.

Hopefully, for the rest of the finale, the show can dial up the drama and rely a little less on the added commentary. That said, audiences were more excited about another bit of commentary featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe, Rodney Matthews, and Cassie Randolph, whose presence was notable considering her relationship with Colton Underwood ultimately ended in a restraining order.