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Clues Susie Returns For The Final Rose Ceremony After Her Explosive Bachelor Exit

She was not feeling the fantasy suites drama.

Susie left 'The Bachelor' during fantasy suites, but will she come back? Photo via ABC
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Fantasy suites drama has been teased from the very first trailer of Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season, and everyone from Jesse Palmer to series creator Mike Fleiss have warned viewers that no one knows how it will all play out. As promised, the March 8 episode proved to be pretty chaotic — with Susie Evans dramatically leaving the show after overnights and an explosive fight with Clayton. So, why did Susie leave The Bachelor? And, uh... is she coming back?

It all started when the Virginia Beach videographer began expressing major concerns about Clayton’s overnight dates with her fellow contestants, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. “I didn’t even really like, comprehend the gravity of it until this second,” she said while Rachel was out for her date. “I don’t know if he can fall in love with multiple people at once.”

And of course, it didn’t help that Susie was last on the fantasy suites schedule — leaving her two full nights of overthinking. “I didn’t sleep great,” she told Gabby after Rachel’s date. “I woke up in the middle of the night, and I’m just, like, running every possible scenario through my head.” Things got even worse during Gabby’s date, during which Susie was pacing and “spiraling emotionally.”

“For me, sex is connective with somebody,” she said. “I just hope that, like, Clayton’s on the same page and sees it from my perspective.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Things seemed to get back on track with Susie and Clayton’s geothermal date, and Clayton even revealed that he was in love with Susie — but she wasn’t the only one, which was a sticking point. She was “not willing to compromise” and hoped that Clayton would have made the decision not to explore things with Gabby or Rachel. He would’ve done things differently if he knew how Susie felt, but she never wanted to give him an ultimatum, she said. “It still feels like I need somebody who would’ve, I don’t know, thought through that.”

They both walked away from the tense dinner — and outside, Clayton confided in Jesse (who appeared as if by magic in the Icelandic night) that Susie had “torn [him] apart.”

Clayton and Susie reconvened, but things didn’t get much better. In fact, the former football player was done with the whole situation. “I’m just being honest with you ... in my eyes, you just invalidated everything that we had,” he said.

Despite starting to “rethink” her reservations, Susie sensed that she would likely be sent home and decided to remove herself from the show preemptively. The last we see is her driving away from Clayton... but will Susie be back on The Bachelor?

According to a March 8 spoiler post from Reality Steve, not only does Susie return to the show before it all wraps up, but she’s actually the only person left during the final rose ceremony after a fallout between Clayton, Gabby, and Rachel. Plus, the trailer for the final episodes suggests that there’s a pretty major surprise in store for Clayton — which could very well be Susie deciding to give the relationship another chance.