Courteney Cox Shares This Surprising Trait With Her Friends Character

“This is so Monica Geller coded.”

Courteney Cox as Monica Geller in 'Friends.'
E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/Getty Images / Warner Bros.

Courteney Cox is best known for her portrayal of Monica Geller in the hit ’90s sitcom Friends, and, as it turns out, the actor shares a surprising trait with the beloved character. In an Instagram video shared on Aug. 20, Cox tells her 12.9 million followers that she “just redid her dining room” and proceeds to show it off. However, as the cameraman follows the Scream star into the dining room, he notices a sliding door and asks Cox “What’s in here?”

After opening the door, a messy room full of boxes, duvets, and other miscellaneous items is revealed. “Oh my gosh, nothing! Maz, nothing. Please, Max, stop!” Cox quickly interrupts while blocking the camera’s view and frantically closing the door. “That’s not funny. Seriously, don’t film it. Erase the footage now, okay?” she jokingly adds in the video, which the actor captioned: “Come on…we all have one.”

Cox’s latest Instagram gag is seemingly a reference to the Friends Season 8 episode “The One with the Secret Closet,” during which Monica (Cox) attempts to keep her exceptionally untidy closet a secret from husband Chandler (Matthew Perry). Many fans were quick to pick up on the reference, with one user commenting: “‘Hehe you’re messy’ (cue Chandler Bing laugh face).”

“Don’t expose her Monica closet,” another fan joked, while one user also wrote: “This is so Monica Geller coded with the secret unorganized room.”

This isn’t the first time Cox has referenced a scene from the sitcom on Instagram. In 2019, the actor recreated the show’s iconic “pivot!” scene, in which Chandler, Ross (David Schwimmer), and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) struggle to move a couch up a flight of stairs. Meanwhile, in December 2022, the actor also recreated the Friends opening sequence in a bid to surprise fans at Warner Brothers Studios.