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This BiP Contestant Arrived On Peter’s Bachelor Season Dressed As A Windmill

Here’s what to remember about Deandra Kanu ahead of Season 7.

by Kadin Burnett
'Bachelor In Paradise' contestant Deandra Kanu
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Bachelor Nation is about to bring a whole lot of drama to the beach. Two years after the last season of Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor and Bachelorette alums are once again headed down to Mexico for another shot at finding love. One contestant hoping to find her match on Season 7 is Deandra Kanu from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. Ahead of the show, here’s everything you need to remember about her.

The Basics

Deandra is a 25-year-old pharmaceutical sales rep who grew up in Maine but now lives in Dallas, Texas. According to her LinkedIn page, she graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2018, where she studied communications and PR. Her dad is from Nigeria, and she was raised in a big family: she has 10 siblings.

Deandra also said in her ABC bio that she loves being the center of attention; in her intro video, she said she thinks of herself as “crazy, but in the best way.”

Deandra Has A YouTube Channel & TikTok

In her Instagram bio, Deandra writes that she’s into health, wellness, coffee, and sneakers. Her page is a good reflection of that, including plenty of sneaker pics, OOTD posts, gym selfies, and support for local coffee spots in Dallas. She also shares plenty of tips about perfume, skin care, and hair oil, but her YouTube channel is where she gets most in-depth about her passion for beauty, style, and wellness. Among the videos she’s posted are clothing hauls and reviews, tips about anxiety and getting better sleep, and standard day-in-the-life vlogs. However, she uploads videos pretty infrequently; the last one is from a year ago.

Deandra is more active on TikTok, where she posts a lot of family-oriented videos. She talks about growing up with six sisters and often includes her siblings in the content; in one video, her sister attempts to style her hair.

What Happened To Deandra On Peter’s Season

Deandra made quite the first impression on Peter’s Bachelor season. During her limo entrance, she stepped out dressed as a windmill — a reference to Peter and Hannah Brown’s infamous fantasy suite date. Despite her comedic entrance, Deandra didn’t manage to forge a strong connection with Peter, and was sent home after the fourth rose ceremony. Now over a year later, she’ll have a second shot at finding love in Bachelor Nation.

Deandra’s Approach To Paradise

Deandra’s profile on the Bachelor Nation website sheds a lot of great insight on her approach to relationships. Of what she learned from appearing on The Bachelor, she wrote, “You can NEVER convince someone to see or appreciate you if it’s not there from the jump. It will never be there. DON’T FIGHT FOR MEN THAT MAKE YOU FEEL UNHEARD AND UNSEEN.”

During the coronavirus quarantine, she says she also learned, “The value of personal development,” adding that “in times of difficulty is where you grow the most.” Now heading into Paradise, she says she has “the confidence and excitement to put myself in the position to receive the kind of love I know I am deserving of.”

As for any suitors who may want to approach Deandra on Paradise, she says the that she likes a straight shooter. “Being confident and walking right up to me to shoot your shot [is the best way to catch my attention]. Confidence is KEY.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premieres on Aug. 16.