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Every Bachelor In Paradise Couple Still Together After The Show

Apparently you can find love on a beach full of singles on reality TV.

The cast of 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 7 on the beach.
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Across six seasons, Bachelor in Paradise has had its fair share of breakups. But for a handful couples, the process of searching for love on a sweltering beach in Mexico has actually worked. We don’t yet know what’s in store for the cast of the show’s upcoming seventh season, but if history is any indication, Paradise will likely wrap up with a couple of engagements — and if not, at least several weeks worth of memes and drama.

In the meantime, take a look back at the success stories from the series thus far.

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes

Dean and Caelynn met on Season 6 of Paradise in 2019. After some drama involving Blake Horstmann, the two made a strong connection. But in the middle of the season, Dean decided he couldn’t give Caelynn the type of relationship she was looking for and decided to eliminate himself from the show. However, Dean returned to the beach several weeks later and asked Caelynn to leave with him. She was initially hesitant, but Dean promised he was committed to giving a relationship a chance, and she eventually agreed before following him off the beach. Two years later, the two are still together, and Dean was even spotted wearing a wedding band in June 2020. However, he later clarified that it’s simply a sign of commitment and he and Caelynn aren’t legally married. In April 2021, they bought a house together in Las Vegas.

Dylan Barbour & Hannah Godwin

Dylan and Hannah also met on Season 6 of Paradise in 2019. At first, Hannah was torn between Dylan and Blake Hortsmann — yes, even after his messy love triangle with Caelynn and Kristina Schulman. But Dylan made clear that he only had eyes for Hannah, wooing her with an elaborate birthday date before eventually proposing. The two have been engaged since 2019 and are still going strong.

Tanner Tolbert & Jade Roper

Tanner and Jade are the gold standard for a Paradise couple. They got together almost immediately during Season 2 of Paradise in 2015 and never strayed, choosing one another even as new arrivals came to the beach. After getting engaged at the end of the show, the two married in a televised Paradise wedding in 2016 and now have three children together.

Kevin Wendt & Astrid Loch

Kevin and Astrid met on Season 5 of Paradise in 2018. Despite ending their relationship just before the Fantasy Suites portion of Paradise, they reconciled a few months later and got engaged in 2019. Their plans for a 2020 wedding had to be pushed back due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in the meantime, Astrid has confirmed that she and Kevin will be welcoming a baby in the coming months.

Adam Gottschalk & Raven Gates

Adam and Raven met on Season 4 of Paradise in 2017. Although many couples end their time on the show with an engagement, Adam opted not to get down on one knee, instead choosing to explore his relationship with Raven a little further outside of the show. Nearly two years later, Adam did ultimately propose to Raven, and the two finally got married in April 2021 after having to postpone their wedding three times amid the pandemic.

Jared Haibon & Ashley Iaconetti

Jared and Ashley had a will they, won’t they romance straight out of a rom-com. After meeting on the second season of Paradise in 2015, Ashley fell hard for Jared, but he simply didn’t seem as interested in her. Their relationship from there is so complicated that they released a 45-minute explainer video in 2018, but the long and short of it is that Jared kept waffling about his feelings for Ashley and was hesitant to move their relationship fully from friendship to romance. It was ultimately worth the emotional back and forth: the pair got engaged in 2018 and tied the knot in August 2019 during a ceremony in Rhode Island. They announced in July that they’re expecting their first child together, due in February 2022.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 premieres on Aug. 16.