11 Dirty Movies On Netflix That Also Happen To Tell Good Stories

Steamy scenes and compelling character

by Amy Roberts and Katherine J. Igoe
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Ride or Die on Netflix

We're currently living in a truly golden digital age, with filth, raunchiness, sauciness, and unadulterated erotica is but a mere click away. And let's all be thankful to the streaming gods, because Netflix delivers on all counts. You've likely already scrolled through the pertinent section (possibly while wondering how to delete your Netflix history so no one gets the wrong idea, but it's OK, no judgment here), and selected a few favorites. But not every sexy movie is labeled as such: there are truly filthy some films masquerading as dramas, romances, or even comedies. And they are not to be missed.

You know the movies I mean. These films is that they still have a lot of depth and substance to them, but also manage to sneak in some steamy scenes. Sometimes you just so happen to put one on, only to find yourself truly (happily) surprised. Others you might have specifically sought out. So whether you're simply looking for a dirty flick, or if you genuinely want a great story with a side of sex, then you can find both within this list. And yes, all of these movies are almost too dirty for Netflix, but thankfully not quite.


After We Collided

The sequel to After, based on the second book in the After Series, the film is much hornier than its predecessor — appropriately stepping it up from a PG-13 to an R. It’s kind of like 50 Shades mixed with To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before with a hint of Dirty Dancing. It’s classic good-girl-bad-boy, is what I’m saying.

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This movie out of Spain i’s ostensibly about young love, from a relationship’s early stages (lust and romance) to its conclusion (disillusionment). But it’s also about the couple’s sexual connection, and boy is it hot.

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A Perfect Ending

It’s a pretty standard story: a sexually repressed woman seeks out no-strings-attached fun with an escort. But, in a refreshing twist, the sex worker is female, and she awakens the protagonist’s sexuality in a way she never knew possible. This movie is extremely horny, but also has a lot to say about aging, family, and desire.

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Cuddle Weather

Two sex workers, one experienced and one not, decide to have a sex-only relationship — but it gets complicated pretty quickly, after the two fall begin to fall for each other for real.

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Ride or Die

In this Japanese Netflix original film, two women share a will-they-won’t-they relationship. They will, it turns out, and the sex scenes get pretty good. (There’s also plenty of, you know, murder and craziness, because it’s a drama!).

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White Girl

The movie follows the white girl in question (Morgan Saylor) as she enters a downward spiral, documenting her disastrous exploits in a graphic and controversial manner — and offers some of the most intense sex scenes on film.

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Elisa & Marcela

Elisa & Marcela is a portrait of the first (unintentionally sanctioned) same-sex marriage in Spain — the story of two women who are so in love that one dresses up as a man so that they can be together forever.

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A hot and sexy (and bored) couple — played by Nicholas Hoult and Laia Costa — decide to have an open relationship. It goes about as well as you think it’s going to — but there’s tons of sex along the way, as well as a more serious rumination on the implications of online dating.

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Lust Stories

This daring Indian anthology of four short films explores sex with radical candor, from masturbation to adultery and everything in between. And it’s just as candid with its (many) sex scenes.

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Dry Martina

Has-been Argentinian singer Martina has lost her libido, and goes on a quest to get it back (the title is a pun, get it?). She ends up learning some life lessons, but let’s be honest — sexual escapades result, too.

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Yes, God, Yes

There’s nothing more taboo than sex, and that’s especially true in this coming-of-age (pun intended) tale. A young woman (played by Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer) finds her religious upbringing sharply at odds with her natural sexual urges. Yes, God, Yes offers look at the dangers of abstinence-only education, and a little high school awkwardness — and some sex.

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