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All The Clues Gabby Gets Engaged In The Bachelorette

Let’s check that ring finger.

by Kadin Burnett
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Gabby Windey in a denim light blue jacket and matching jeans
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Major spoilers for The Bachelorette Season 19 ahead. The Bachelorette treats fans to dual romantic journeys for the first time in years. This season we’ve got two bachelorettes — Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia — the fan favorites from Clayton Echard’s frenzied season of The Bachelor. It’s the first time in the show’s history that two women go through the process simultaneously with the same group of men. Double the leads might not equal double the love, but that doesn’t mean Gabby will have trouble finding a partner this season.

The question on everyone’s mind is if our fearless bachelorettes get engaged. While the show is doing its best to keep any leaks under wraps, several clues hint at Gabby’s engagement status. In fact, Gabby started the speculation in June when the former Denver Broncos cheerleader posted a photo of her left hand on her Instagram story. She asked her fans if they noticed anything new. Usually, people wouldn’t jump to guess an engagement. But when you’re the Bachelorette, you can’t just post photos of your exposed ring finger without expecting rumors to swirl.

It’s also worth mentioning that Gabby likely knows better than to spoil her entire season over Instagram. She was part of one of the most explosive and dramatic finishes in the franchise's history, which she remained silent about for months after. And if her experience with the show isn’t proof enough that she wouldn’t spoil her season, there’s also the threat of being fined several million dollars.

On Aug. 29, the teaser trailer for Week 8 provided the first clues that Gabby won’t be getting engaged at the end of the season, as it hinted at the indecision that her suitors were feeling. When the first part of Fantasy Suites rolled around on Sept. 5, fans saw Johnny leave after admitting to Gabby that he wasn’t ready to be engaged. The episode also teased that Jason was in the same boat as Johnny and was feeling uneasy at the thought of an engagement. In the preview, he says, “I want to be fully honest and transparent…” Now, we don’t learn the rest of that sentence, but it’s not a great sign given that Gabby is heard saying, “He took advantage of everything. He never loved me,” in the clip.

So, that leaves Erich, who Gabby had a blissful date with, but the episode ends with a shocking cliffhanger that is making fans doubt the future of their relationship. After admitting that he wasn't feeling great thinking about Gabby still dating the other contestants, she gets visibly upset that he’s bringing up the discussion. “He was testing me, and that’s not something you do to someone that you love,” Gabby said in her confessional.

Potential finale spoilers ahead. However, the trailer also included footage of Gabby at an engagement ceremony, looking longingly at a ring, so there’s a good chance that someone might just meet her there. For those of you who simply cannot deal with the drama of the unknown, reality TV blogger Reality Steve leaked who would be meeting Gabby on bended knee — Erich gets engaged to the Bachelorette at the end of the season. So while that leak is unconfirmed, especially given how rough things seem now, there may still be a happy ending for Gabby the second time around.

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