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All The Clues Gabby & Erich Get Engaged On The Bachelorette

The rumors did say Erich would be to watch this season.

by Kadin Burnett and Grace Wehniainen
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Gabby Windey and Erich on 'The Bachelorette'
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Spoilers ahead for Season 19 of The Bachelorette. We are rapidly approaching the finish line of the current season of The Bachelorette. Watching the remaining contestants try to navigate fantasy suites, hometowns, and potentially even Neil Lane, it’s only right that we’d point out who Gabby Windey’s frontrunner seems to be, and it’s Erich Schwer. He’s more than just his mullet. In fact, he may very well end up being Gabby’s fiancé by the time the season is over, and the rumors seem to support that speculation. But first, let’s revisit Gabby and Erich’s romantic journey to piece together why these two are one of Season 19’s endgame couples.

Gabby & Erich’s One-On-One Date

Erich’s been a favorite from the beginning of the season since he landed a one-on-one date invitation from Gabby in Episode 3. Their date included the return of Gabby’s Grandpa John, the scene-stealer of Clayton Echard’s season. While Gabby and Erich hit it off on their date, Erick also bonded just the same with her grandfather, even inviting him to come down and visit him in Santa Monica.

Erich recently sat down with Joe Amabile and Natasha Parker on Clickbait to talk about his time with both Gabby and Grandpa John. “It was a long day, and we spent the whole day together driving around. We got to know each other super well,” he said. He also mentioned that it was hard to get a word in edgewise, especially with Gabby’s grandpa telling stories about getting buried in the snow, but naturally, the day went well. “I thought it was really special that he was there,” he continued. “He just gave me a hard time the whole time, which was great!” The fact that Erich managed to mesh with Gabby’s family so seamlessly means their relationship is definitely off to a good start.

Gabby & Erich’s Hometown Date

Gabby arrived in Bedminster, New Jersey to meet Erich for her third hometown date of the episode, where Gabby quickly told cameras that she could “see [herself] falling in love with him.” The couple first chatted about Erich’s father who’s been struggling with terminal cancer, which lead to a deeper conversation about Erich’s comfortability with commitment, having seen how his parents have handled their unfortunate situation.

Craig Sjodin/ABC

The couple spent the beginning of their hometown visit with Erich’s dad, where he mentioned his deep appreciation for front-line workers, a position that Gabby held during the lockdown whilst working as a ICU nurse. In a franchise built on emotion, it proved to be one of the more touching moments in the show’s history, especially seeing how well Gabby and Erich’s dad managed to bond.

It was then time for Erich to meet with his mom, where he once again referenced how he modeled what he wants in a relationship after what he’s seen of his parents. Shortly thereafter Gabby met with Erich’s mother, where she too gushed about Erich’s parents and their relationship. Erich’s mom went on to talk about commitment, speaking about her own 35-year marriage, doing so through teary eyes. “Coming here now, everything makes so much sense,” Gabby said. Later she added that her time with Erich’s mom “meant the world to [her].”

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However, where Erich really set himself apart was his desire to get engaged to Gabby. Earlier in the episode, both Jason and Johnny mentioned their hesitation to get engaged. Meanwhile, Erich couldn’t have seemed more sure of the commitment. The two continued to talk under the New Jersey moon, where Gabby said that her feelings were “solidified.” Erich wasted no time telling her that he was falling for her, which was quickly followed by a prolonged kiss.

“Words do carry a lot of weight,” Gabby started. “I’ve always wanted to be with someone like you, I just never knew if it was possible,” before finishing, “I am falling in love with you.”

Their Fantasy Suite Connection & Fallout

Gabby and Erich further forged their emotional connection during Fantasy Suites in Mexico — and even though the episode ended on a tense note between the pair, it’s worth noting that Erich may be Gabby’s only contestant left (Johnny DePhillipo went home, and Jason Alabaster isn’t sure he’s ready to get engaged, either). So purely by the process of elimination, all signs point to Erich.

The Rumors About Gabby & Erich’s Engagement

Rumors and leaks sometimes seem one and the same when it comes to Bachelor Nation. The first round of rumors about Season 19 detailed Gabby’s hometown selections, which ended up being accurate leaks.

However, only because we’re this close to the finale, it doesn’t mean there’s not enough room for one more major leak. The latest spoiler comes from TV blogger Reality Steve, and his unconfirmed leak reveals that Erich earns Gabby’s final rose, and they get engaged. While the show teases some tense and dramatic episodes ahead, rest assured that The Bachelorette will give Gabby and Erich a fairy tale ending.

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