This You Season 4 Clue Revealed The Eat The Rich Killer In Episode 1

A rewatch may be in order.

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The first half of 'YOU' Season 4 follows Joe's efforts to solve a twisty murder mystery. So, who is ...

Spoilers ahead for You Season 4 Part 1. At the start of You Season 4, Joe Goldberg was eager to treat his time in London as a much-needed vacation — taking a “not my circus, not my monkeys” approach to the drama around him and adopting a new identity as professor Jonathan Moore. But not even one episode goes by before Joe’s new, wealthy friends start to get killed off, and the culprit begins stalking Joe.

So, who is the Eat the Rich Killer? The Part 1 ending of You Season 4 revealed the murderer’s identity, but viewers will have to wait for the second half of Season 4 (which drops this March) to learn more about his motivations. Until then, here’s everything to keep in mind about Rhys Montrose so far.

Joe discovers Rhys is the Eat the Rich Killer in Episode 5, while on the run from Roald — who believed Joe to be the murderer. Rhys captures both of them, instructing Joe to kill Roald so that they can pin all of the murders on him, a dead man. “He’s a neofascist with a knife collection,” Rhys points out, suggesting people will buy it. But even with Joe’s long list of crimes, he won’t bring himself to frame someone else at Rhys’ command. Rather, he helps Roald escape from Rhys and safely arrives back in London, where he finds out Rhys is, indeed, running for mayor of the city.


“Whatever your big plans are, I need to stop you before you can hurt another soul and drag mine down with you,” Joe resolves, upon seeing the news. It’s also worth noting that Rhys’ original plan was to frame Joe for Malcolm’s murder in Episode 1, but he was “inspired” by Joe’s handiwork to involve him in his murderous “project.”

While Joe seemed surprised to find out that Rhys was the killer back at the country estate (“Disappointed doesn’t even begin to describe it,” he says), there were actually clues about Rhys’ identity all along. Sure, Joe was wise enough never to rule out Rhys as a suspect, but the rags-to-riches mayoral candidate seemed to overcome most suspicion because he appealed to Joe’s own sensibilities as an outsider. During their first meeting, Rhys calls Joe a “brother in arms,” observing that he, too, had a “true sh*t childhood.”

Joe also remarks that Rhys’ book, A Good Man in a Cruel World, is “honestly one of the best memoirs [he’s] ever read.” So it’s safe to say Joe’s judgment was a bit clouded by his own fondness for the author. Otherwise, he might have clocked an extremely on-the-nose clue about Rhys’ true pastime as a serial killer: the cover of the book itself. Here, Rhys’ silhouette is topped with an angelic halo (he thinks really highly of his mission, obviously), and he’s standing over a collection of limbs that look a lot like zombie hands reaching up from the grave.


This figuratively ties Rhys to the murders, but it also takes on a literal meaning when you realize that he’s been removing body parts from his victims — a finger from Malcolm, an ear from Simon — similar to the disembodied hands on his book cover. Nadia lends Joe the book at the very beginning of Season 4, so the connection’s been hiding in plain sight for a while now.

As viewers learn throughout Season 4, Rhys grew up in a council estate, or public housing, and was “raised by an unstable single mom.” He was a “mess,” Joe says, before learning he was a duke’s son and going to Oxford, where he made his socialite friends. It seems that he resents their wealth, but there’s apparently more to the story. “I don’t mind getting into all of it,” he tells Joe. “I’d have questions too. It’s just, honestly, I wasn’t prepared for this type of face-to-face yet.”

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