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Elly From Love Island US Is Determined To Shake Up The Villa

“It seems like everybody in the villa has gotten really comfortable, but this isn’t really about comfort.”

by Kadin Burnett
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Elly from 'Love Island' US

Season 3 of Love Island US is nearing its home stretch, but it’s never too late to shake things up on the show. The Aug. 1 episode teased the arrival of three new women in the villa — one of whom seems determined to stir the pot. “It seems like everybody in the villa has gotten really comfortable, but this isn’t really about comfort,” Elly Steffen said in her promo video. “It’s about taking risks and finding a genuine connection.”

The 22-year-old noted that she has “a bad history of attracting married men” and is eager to avoid that on the show. In particular, she has her sights set on Korey Gandy. “I’m attracted to Korey because he seems like a sweetheart and someone that would be really fun to be around,” Elly said. “And not married. That’s a big plus.”

Here’s what else to know about the Chicago-based receptionist.

Elly Studied Neuroscience

Elly notes in her Instagram bio that she’s a neuroscience graduate. Though it’s unclear where she went to college, she did upload a presentation she made for school to YouTube in 2019 in which she explains several forms of neurological phenomena. The video dives into perception and sensation, specifically detailing an occurrence known as phantom limb, which is when those without a limb or appendage feel the sensation that their former body part is still there.

Elly Is A Model

You’d be hard pressed to find a simple selfie on Elly’s Instagram feed; her page is loaded with modeling photos that highlight her comfort in front of the camera. There are classic headshots, athletic campaigns, and even magazine covers. Elly’s personal website also shows off her modeling prowess, including her work with active brands like Nike and FILA and editorial spreads for magazines like Vigour.

Elly’s Love Island Experience

Elly is entering the villa at a turbulent time. Longtime cast member Cinco Holland and newcomer Genevieve Shawcross both left the show, leaving Trina Njorage and Jeremy Hershberg single (though Trina and Cinco were no longer really together by that point).

Korey, meanwhile, was coupled up with Leslie Golden before she mysteriously and abruptly left the villa. He’s recently been exploring a connection with Olivia Kaiser, but the two are only in the beginning stages of their relationship, so there definitely could be an opening for Elly.

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