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Everything I Know About Love’s Finale Is Packed Full Of Rom-Com Easter Eggs

The series’ writer and creator Dolly Alderton has unwrapped the clever references.

'Everything I Know About Love' Season 1 cast: Bel Powley, Emma Appleton, Marli Siu, and Aliyah Odoff...

Based on the hit memoir of the same, Everything I Know About Love has proved to be a hit among audiences. Written and created by author Dolly Alderton, the series showcases strong female friendships, the challenges of young adulthood, and spotlights mental health. Now, as talk turns to the possibility of Everything I Know About Love Season 2, Alderton has opened up about the rom-com easter eggs she hid within the series’ finale.

During an appearance on the BBC podcast Obsessed With..., Alderton told hosts Sophie Duker and Olga Koch, who have deep dive discussions on Everything I Know About Love, about the easy-to-miss references. “There were a few rom-com references in that episode,” she explained. Explaining that one of the easter eggs relates to the hit 1998 romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail, she continued: “So, you know the moment when Meg Ryan is in a cash only line and Tom Hanks has to come with his card?” Revealing this inspired her protagonist Maggie’s meetings with her two love interests, Street and Patrick, Alderton continued: I wanted to mirror the beginning and the end. So he [Street] saves her [Maggie] and buys it with her credit card and then Patrick does the same in New York.”

She added: “And it’s like those mirrored meet-cutes with two totally different male protagonists... and there’s Breakfast At Tiffanys because she makes friends with that ginger cat, and then there’s the Harry Met Sally [moment] when they’re shopping for trees.”

Alderton also admitted that she had to stop listening to the podcast when Duker and Koch began to share their most “Maggie” moments. “I’m so glad to be here. I’m also slightly terrified because I had to stop listening to this podcast, because it was so accurate,” she revealed. “I tell you the moment it was, when you started sharing stories about your most ‘Maggie’ thing you’ve done. And you talked about wearing glasses with no lenses, and Olga talked about, like, doing a funny little indie rom-com joke with the tube carriage where she Sellotaped classic book titles onto trashy books and I just very slowly, exited the podcast.

“I just thought, this is so, so bang on. And what’s been amazing is all the conversations that I wanted to have about the characters in the show, every time I’ve listened to you, I’ve heard you guys talk about.