Florence Pugh Handled Emily Blunt’s Wardrobe Mishap Like A Pro

“Both so mother omg.”

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 12: Emily Blunt (L) and Florence Pugh attend a photocall for "Oppenheimer" in...
David M. Benett/WireImage/Getty Images

For all that Florence Pugh has embraced trends like nipple-baring dresses, visible thongs, and no-pants looks, she doesn’t expect everyone to be so daring. When her Oppenheimer co-star Emily Blunt experienced a surprise wardrobe malfunction at their film’s London photo call on July 12, Pugh was quick to handle the situation. The actor’s supportive reaction soon won over TikTok as fans celebrated the sweet moment.

Blunt, dressed in a metallic Dolce & Gabbana suit, and Pugh, in a long-sleeved minidress by Moschino Jeans, had a warm reunion on the red carpet as photographers snapped pictures of them. They were posing together when the top button on Blunt’s suit jacket popped open, exposing a hint of what appeared to be her bra underneath. The A Quiet Place vet noticed it right away and immediately used a hand to keep the top closed. Almost as quickly, Pugh also reached up to provide cover, and she appeared say, “I got you,” in footage by Getty’s Mike Marsland that CTV’s Etalk posted on TikTok.

The two actors took a minute to laugh about the situation as they both held Blunt’s suit closed, and then Pugh helped Blunt refasten it while shielding her from the cameras. “This is so real!” one fan wrote in response to Etalk’s TikTok, which racked up more than 118,000 likes in two days. “Woman helping woman. I’m here for it.”

Other fans similarly gushed about Pugh’s reaction, especially how she looked at Blunt in the midst of the mishap. “If MissFlo looks at me like that I’m definitely crumbling,” one wrote, while another added, “I need MissFlo to hold me and look [at] me like this.” Yet another person commented, “this moment made me feel things,” and someone described them as “both so mother omg.”

Their interactions showed the genuine affection between the two women, and Pugh went on to share her respect for the entire cast in an Instagram post following the film’s premiere on July 13. “Truly? One of the biggest prides of my career,” she wrote, in part, of her work in Oppenheimer. “Honouring the work of the MANY who made this movie tonight. This movie was made in respect of art and crews and creativity. It is the set I will remember and talk about for decades. Working with these people and more was such a honour, Christopher Nolan respects the craft and people and that’s the Fullstop.”

The UK premiere brought an act of solidarity beyond to Pugh’s wardrobe save: She, Blunt, and their co-stars, including Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Rami Malek, and Robert Downey, Jr., walked out of the event when the SAG-AFTRA strike officially went into effect. Until the strike ends, there are expected to be far fewer Hollywood events like the Oppenheimer photo call and red carpet, so it’s fortunate that Pugh and Blunt gave fans a memorable one to tide them over for the foreseeable future.