All The Songs On Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies So Far

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies features 30 new songs — and nods to the original faves, too.

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When it comes to movie musicals, Grease remains one of the most iconic — thanks in no small part to its beloved soundtrack. Songs from the 1978 film (which was originally adapted from a stage musical) proved their popularity well into the 21st century, inspiring everything from Glee performances to an Emmy-winning live special in 2016.

One song in particular, “Summer Nights,” was rich enough to inspire an entire film, the upcoming Summer Lovin’, per Deadline. But first, there’s another prequel you can stream right now: Paramount+’s Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies.

The 10-episode season, which premiered on April 6, tells the origin story of Rydell High’s girl group. But it also explores aspects of 1950s culture viewers didn’t see in the original Grease film. As creator and showrunner Annabel Oakes described the streamer’s mission, “How can we tell the stories that you couldn’t have told in 1978 and that you definitely couldn’t have told in 1958?”

This reckoning with real-life history applies to the music, too. For example, the show’s 1954 setting (which is four years before the events of Grease) was closer to the early days of the rock ‘n’ roll genre. “It’s R&B with an amp,” Oakes told Entertainment Weekly. “We want to pay tribute to the real people who started rock ‘n’ roll — Black musicians, Latinx musicians, who were at the forefront. We want those in the show.”

Justin Tranter served as music producer and songwriter, per Variety, and helped craft 30 new songs for Rise of the Pink Ladies. Tranter joined the Paramount+ series with a seriously impressive pop resume — having co-written music with Halsey, Maroon 5, and Selena Gomez (including “Hands to Myself” and “Lose You to Love Me”), to name just a few collaborators.

“I come from pop music, and I felt I really had a right to be here because Olivia Newton-John brought in her main pop songwriter to write half of the songs in Grease,” Tranter told of their musical background.

Not all of the songs on Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies are new, though. If you’re a fan of the original 1978 film, you’ll be excited to know that there are nods to it throughout — including in the soundtrack. Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll hear, beginning with the show’s premiere.

All The Songs On Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies So Far

Episode 1, “We’re Gonna Rule The School”

  • “Grease is the Word”
  • “Different This Year”
  • “Good Girl Act”
  • “New Cool”

This article will be updated as new Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies episodes are released throughout the season.