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Jules & Mika Almost Kissed During The Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Finale

Nothing is certain after *that* cliffhanger.

Blue, Mika, and Jules on Grey's Anatomy. Photo via ABC
Disney/Anne Marie Fox

The Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 finale packed quite a lot of chaos into one hour: from Jo’s surprise pregnancy to Catherine firing several of her surgeons, leaving their fate at the hospital unknown. But for many fans, the biggest takeaway from the May 30 episode was Jules and Mika nearly kissing — seemingly taking the budding ship to a new level.

However, fans quickly picked up on a detail that might spell trouble for the pair.

#Julesmika Confirmed?

To recap: Grey’s fans noticed several weeks ago that Jules and Mika seemed quite close while studying for the residency exam together. Then, during the finale, the pair comforted each other after losing a patient in surgery.

“This isn’t working,” Mika said after the setback, clearly shaken in her confidence. Jules took her hand and led her friend in a breathing exercise, before the surgeons put their foreheads together and slowly leaned in for a kiss.

Though the tender moment was interrupted before it could go any further, it marked a significant step in the nascent #Julesmika ship — and fans reacted accordingly. “I KNEW ITTTT,” one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), with another proclaiming Jules and Mika “NEED TO BE A THING LIKE F*CKING YESTERDAY.”

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

A Behind-The-Scenes Twist

However, they may not get the chance: Midori Francis, who plays Mika, is reportedly leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Deadline recently reported that while Francis is in talks to wrap up her character’s arc, she will not be a series regular for Season 21. (The outlet reported that long-running star Jake Borelli would be departing, too.)

While ABC hasn’t confirmed those reports, fans are dreading the apparent end of Jules and Mika before they could really begin in earnest. “i cant believe they would give us julesmika right before mika leaves the show,” one viewer wrote.

Said another fan of Mika’s imminent departure: “What was this for? Can't they just let us win for once 😭.”

ABC/Anne Marie Fox

Change Is In The Air

If it’s any consolation, Jules and Mika’s connection isn’t the only thing left hanging in the balance between seasons. The May 30 finale saw the interns and Dr. Bailey put their own jobs on the line, threatening to leave the hospital if Lucas was made to repeat his first year — all while Meredith and co. faced the music for their extracurricular Alzheimer’s research, and Dr. Webber shared that he planned to step away from surgery after questioning his own mental acumen.

Granted, he’s been trying to retire since Season 1. But this had an air of resolution to it. Either way, come Season 21, Grey Sloan Memorial may look very different.