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Grey’s Anatomy Fans Are Not Into Monica, Amelia, & Winston’s Love Triangle

This pattern has a complicated hospital history.

Dr. Monica Beltran on 'Grey's Anatomy.' Photo via ABC
Disney/Anne Marie Fox

With only one episode left in Grey’s Anatomy Season 20, a few curveballs are a given — from intern drama to the reported departure of several beloved surgeons. It’s a lot to keep up with! But even given the unpredictable nature of life at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, few could have predicted a love triangle between Monica, Amelia, and... Winston?

To recap: During the show’s May 16 episode, Amelia asked Monica out after sensing a potential connection. However, the new pediatric surgeon gently declined. “I am going through a really messy divorce, and my wife’s still in Texas,” Monica explained.

But a week later, Monica seemed to be in a different place. After commiserating about her divorce with Winston — who just finalized his own divorce from Maggie — the unexpected duo left the bar and ended up in bed together.

A New Love Triangle Enters The Chat

Viewers were not pleased, to say the least, especially since the new connection puts Amelia into a love triangle with her sister’s ex. “MONICA AND WINSTON????? WHAT IN THE WORLD,” wrote one stunned fan on X (formerly Twitter).

“Monica and Winston will not happen,” declared another, adding that they hoped it was just a one-time thing. “I will stop watching if they become a couple.”

“they’re about to put amelia in a love triangle with her ex brother in law this show is so unserious,” one fan wrote. And indeed, thinking about how Amelia would react to the twist — especially given her thorny past with Winston — made one user “so sad.”

Disney/Anne Marie Fox

There might be a silver lining, however. As one fan theorized, Winston could be the “rebound” needed so that Monica “feels ready for a proper relationship with Amelia.”

Grey’s Anatomy Has Done This Before

Of course, love triangles abound in the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — and for some reason, they often involve Amelia: with Link and Kai, with Owen and Teddy, with Owen and Link as potential fathers to her child in Season 16.

While fans wait to see how Amelia reacts to Monica and Winston’s budding connection, Caterina Scorsone (who plays Amelia) gave The Hollywood Reporter an idea of what to expect from the Season 20 finale — describing it as “an existential cliffhanger year.” Ominous!

The long-running Grey’s star (and Private Practice alum) also opened up about her tenure in the franchise, and why she plans to keep it going. “If the story you’ve hooked yourself into is the story of a human being navigating constantly changing circumstances, that story is never going to be old ... So as long as we can stay committed and interested enough to actually be discovering that fresh moment, we can be here as long as they can be here,” she said.