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Hilary Duff Can’t Believe An Early 2000s Belt Trend She Rocked Is Now Back

Not everything you move on from remains “so yesterday.”

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Early 2000s Hilary Duff said you can change your clothes (if you wanna), but what the then-teen star didn’t know was that they might not always stay in your past where you want them to. As Duff revisited her young pop-rocker days in honor of her 2003 single “So Yesterday” turning 20, she hilariously shared her surprise at the comeback of one of the era-specific trends she rocked in the music video. The controversial item in question? Studded belts.

Duff’s walk down memory lane came after Betches posted an Instagram story about the 20th anniversary of “So Yesterday.” “WE’RE HOW OLD?!” text over a clip from the song’s music video read. Adding context, the story also said, “@hilaryduff’s ‘So Yesterday’ came out 20 years ago, and we’ll be wearing a mini jean skirt, studded belt, & sling back heels in honor.”

Duff reposted the video to her own story, and then the How I Met Your Father star addressed her fashion of the time in a second post. Her addition includes a photo of an assortment of studded belts on display in a clothing store, with what appears to be her hand showcasing them. “How in gods [sic] name are these back,” she wrote beneath the photo, topping it with a face-palm memoji.

Much as Duff may no longer love some of the trends she embraced as a teen, there’s no arguing that they influenced young millennials in their formative years. It was thanks to her, and her bubbly Disney character Lizzie McGuire, of course, that so many of us wanted to wear colorful camo, bandanas, and embellished jeans during our teen years. If today’s youth want to do the same, why not (take a crazy chance)?

Funnily enough, it’s not just Duff’s old fashion choices that have returned to haunt her in her adult life. During a 2022 Late Late Show with James Corden appearance, she revealed that “someone played [her] daughter [her] old, like, teeny-bopper music.” She explained that her daughter liked it so much that she was having Duff “bump it in [her] car, like at full volume.” They got into “deep Hilary Duff cuts,” the mom of three said, adding that it was “horrific.”

Still, Duff appreciates many parts of her early career and has revisited some of them very intentionally and willingly. In addition to trying to reboot Lizzie McGuire for Disney, she brought back a scene from the beloved show in her latest series, How I Met Your Father. She can’t help it if studded belts, on the other hand, are so yesterday for her.