Everything To Know About A Potential House of Ho Season 3

HBO Max has yet to renew or cancel the reality series.

Bella Ho, Judy Ho, Lesley Ho, Kim Ho in 'House of Ho' Season 2 via HBO Max's press site
Mark Felix/HBO Max

After a long wait, HBO Max’s House of Ho finally returned for Season 2 as the multigenerational family continued to balance their luxurious Houston lifestyle with the “pressures of growing their families, finding professional success, and maintaining traditions,” per the streaming service’s official description. Though HBO Max has yet to renew House of Ho for Season 3, the cast has more stories to share — and have also gotten more used to the cameras in the meantime.

“Season 1 we didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how the producers were going to edit us. I didn’t know what the reaction would be. But overall, the feedback that I got personally was pretty positive,” Judy Ho told Entertainment Tonight in August. “And what I learned was that I should just continue being authentic with what I’m going through with my life because I know there are a lot of other people that can relate and are going through something similar.”

In her case, that included sharing her motherhood journey in Season 2. After getting engaged to fiancé Nate Nguyen, Judy even documented her IVF treatments, and for good reason. “By sharing our experiences, other Asian families can feel more comfortable that it’s OK to share these things — that we’re all going through them,” she added. “And personally, that’s the feedback I’ve gotten. I’m really appreciative of other people who have reached out to me and comforted me or I’ve inspired them to go through their own journey.”

Though the impending HBO Max and Discovery+ merger has left the fate of several series up in the air, here’s everything we know so far about a potential House of Ho Season 3.

The House of Ho Season 3 Cast

Though HBO Max likely won’t announce the Season 3 cast ahead of a potential renewal, some possibilities include Judy and Nate, along with patriarch Binh Ho, matriarch Hue Ho, Lesley Ho, Washington Ho, Aunt Tina, Cousin Sammy, Kim Ho, Bella Ho, Tran Nguyen, Tammy Gee, Carlton Kon, and Vanessa Kon.

“I think we just add a really good balance,” Season 2 newcomer Kim told Houstonia magazine in August. “Even though [Judy and Washington] do have roles as daughters, sons, wives, fathers and mothers, and stuff like that … they also have a duty to themselves and to be able to enjoy themselves because our parents have given us so many sacrifices, and that’s what you’ll see we bring to the show.”

Whether that means dynamics will shift even more with other new cast members in a potential third season, you’ll have to stay tuned for an official announcement either way.

The House of Ho Season 3 Premiere Date

While HBO Max debuted House of Ho in December 2020, fans waited almost two years for Season 2, which premiered in August 2022. Because pandemic-related restrictions could have played a part in the gap between seasons, the next installment will likely drop in the second half of 2023.

This post will be updated as more House of Ho Season 3 details become available.