House Of Ho’s Tammy Gee Introduces Her Partner In Season 2

The new cast member pushes back against tradition in her own way.

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Couple Tammy Gee and Tran Nguyen debut in 'House of Ho' Season 2.
Callaghan O’Hare/HBO Max

HBO Max’s reality show House of Ho is as much about glamorous lifestyles as it is about showing how difficult it can about to live up to immigrant Asian parents’ expectations. This is especially true for Season 2, which introduces a number of new characters who clash with the older generation. Judy got engaged to Nate Nguyễn at the end of Season 1, and in the newest season, we follow his older sister, Tammy Gee, as she comes out to her family with her partner Tran Nguyễn.

The series shows how the two of them try to embrace their relationship but struggle to live their truth in the face of their families’ traditional Vietnamese values. Here’s everything else to know about Tammy.

Tammy Gee’s Partner

We meet Tran in the second episode of the season when she comes in with celebrity jewelry designer Johnny Dang. As Nate explains, their whole family immigrated to America when he and his five siblings were pretty young. “Our parents are very traditional Catholic parents,” he says. “Finding out that Tammy was dating a girl was surprising because she didn’t tell anyone. Tammy’s very private. We just sort of met [Tran], and that’s how we found out they were dating. So that was fun.”

Tammy explains that she and Tran are currently living together and have been dating for about a year at the time of filming. “When I divorced, it was a big shock to my family,” she says. “It was an even bigger shock when I decided to bring Tran home.”

“This whole process for me wasn’t like, oh, I wake up one day and I’m just gay,” she adds. “You wake up one day and then you meet the person that you think that hey, this is somebody that you want to be with.”

The couple later reveals in Episode 3 that they’re looking at IVF to have a child together but disagree about whether they want to know who the sperm donor is. (Tran doesn’t want to know, but Tammy says she’s curious about “what background they’re coming from.”)


Tammy Gee’s Job

According to Tammy’s LinkedIn, she’s been the president of T4 Spa Concepts and Designs for the last 13 years. Texas has a large Vietnamese American population, and many of the immigrants open nail salons. In 2019, the business was featured on the Fox 26 Houston channel, where Tammy explained how T4 distributes the furniture and materials that spas across the country need to get started.

“Everything you see here from the parts, to the massage mechanisms, to the chairs, everything is built and assembled here,” Tammy said. “Production is made here in our warehouse. Everything is quality tested here before it’s shipped out.” She also revealed that T4 sells special hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitary pedicure liners for the tubs so there’s no cross-contamination between customers.

Before working at T4, Tammy graduated with a master's degree in education and teaching from the University of Houston, and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Texas A&M University.

Tammy Gee’s Instagram

Like many of the other stars of House of Ho, Tammy keeps a relatively low profile on social media. Tammy’s Instagram features a few photos of her kids and some Halloween pictures with her sisters. She also shares her love of basketball on there, which naturally means cheering on the Houston Rockets whenever she can.

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