Yes, You Can Stream CODA Right Now

The film has already picked up a number of awards this season, including a historic BAFTA.

Yes, You Can Stream 'CODA' In The UK Right Now

If you’ve kept an eye on the film nominations and awards of late, CODA will not have passed you by. The film won a number of BAFTAs at the 2022 ceremony, including Best Supporting Actor, for Troy Kotsur, making him the first deaf actor to win in this category, and Siân Heder taking home the award for Best Adapted Screenplay. But many will be wondering: how can you watch CODA in the UK?

We’re in luck: an Apple Original Film, CODA is available on Apple TV+. Following the story of 17-year-old Ruby, portrayed by Emilia Jones, Ruby is the sole hearing member in her family. She is a so-called “CODA”, a child of deaf adults, with the film following her endeavours as an interpreter for her parents, portrayed by Marlee Matlin and Troy Kotsur. Each day, she works on the family’s fishing boat alongside her father and eldest brother, portrayed by Marlee Matlin, but she soon discovers a hidden love for singing, joining her high school’s choir. Invigorated to apply for a top music school by her tough choirmaster, she faces a difficult choice: supporting her family or following her dreams.

In his speech post-win, Troy Kotsur stated: “I really believe that it took a long time for Hollywood and for filmmakers to accept actors who happen to be deaf. And now with CODA, it was really the right team and the right director.”

Apple TV+ is available on the app, on a Mac, or on a TV, so there are plenty of ways to access this BAFTA hit. Filming is currently underway for Apple Original spy thriller Argylle, starring none other than Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill, with other high-performing originals including Dickinson, Defending Jacob, and Losing Alice.