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17 Celebrity Guest Stars You Forgot Were On iCarly

Former First Lady Michelle Obama, is that you?

David Archuleta on iCarly via a screenshot

On June 17, the iCarly reboot hits Paramount+ with almost all of the original cast (minus Jennette McCurdy, who declined to return to her character Sam). And if the original show was any indication, fans may want to keep an eye out in the reboot for potential celebrity guest stars. The Nickelodeon series was known for its epic cameos from YouTubers, teen idols, and even then-First Lady Michelle Obama.

Because the premise of iCarly is that Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and her friends run a popular web show, it was only natural for celebrities to appear on the web series from time to time. And as the actual iCarly Nickelodeon show got more popular, the guest stars started getting more and more famous as well. By Season 6, the series was landing talent like Emma Stone, Tina Fey, One Direction, and more.

In case you don’t remember anything from the early-to-mid 2000s (same), here’s a look back at some of the show’s most memorable celebrity moments — including Cosgrove’s favorite guest star spot in the history of the show.

Austin Butler

Season 1, Episode 4 — "iLike Jake"

Butler was already known for Hannah Montana and Ned’s Declassified Survival Guide when he guest-starred on iCarly’s first season. He played middle school hottie/terrible singer Jake, whom Carly invited on her show to impress him.

The Plain White T's

Season 1, Episode 11 — "iRue the Day"

After Carly’s brother Spencer saved Plain White T’s singer Tom Higgenson from getting impaled by a falling mall sign, Spencer asked the band to perform on Carly’s show.

David Archuleta

Season 2, Episode 9 — "iRocked the Vote"

The American Idol runner-up appeared on iCarly shortly after soaring to popularity on the 2008 season of the singing competition show. On the iCarly episode, Archuleta was a competitor on the fictional America Sings show — and he won! Some poetic justice.


Season 2, Episode 10 — "iMeet Fred"

Lucas Cruikshank’s popular YouTube alter ego Fred stopped by iCarly in Season 2. The plot revolves around Freddie stating that the “Fred” videos aren’t funny — and losing Carly’s show a ton of fans in the process.

Victoria Justice

Season 2, Episode 20 — "iFight Shelby Marx"

A year before Victorious premiered, Victoria Justice guested on iCarly as a character named Shelby, who agrees to fight Carly for her show.

Chord Overstreet

Season 3, Episode 3 — "iSpeed Date"

Overstreet hadn’t yet appeared on Glee when appeared on iCarly as Eric, one of the guys who tries to take Carly to a dance.

Jordan Fisher

Season 3, Episode 3 — "iSpeed Date"

Another one of Carly’s potential suitors on the speed dating episode is a young Jordan Fisher in one of his very first acting roles. Now, of course, he’s a Broadway star. Too bad Carly passed him over!

Jane Lynch

Season 4, Episode 2 — "iSam's Mom"

The unfailingly entertaining Jane Lynch was the perfect choice to play Sam’s over-the-top mom. The production team reportedly offered Lynch the role because her stepdaughter Haden was a huge iCarly fan.

Jack Black

Season 4, Episode 6 — "iStart a Fan War"

Miranda Cosgrove’s School of Rock co-star Jack Black stopped by iCarly in 2010 to play Spencer’s online nemesis from the “World of Warlords” game.

Jim Parsons

Season 5, Episode 1 — "iLost My Mind"

The Big Bang Theory star took a quick break from his own popular sitcom to play a patient on iCarly who thinks he’s from the future.

Michelle Obama

Season 5, Episode 9 — "iMeet the First Lady"

The former First Lady has played herself on many TV shows, including Sesame Street, Nashville, and iCarly. When she appeared on the latter, she helped Carly connect with her father who was in the military overseas.

Taran Killam

Season 5, Episode 9 — "iMeet the First Lady"

Obama no doubt had many real secret service agents with her on iCarly (including some who had to sweep the studio ahead of her arrival), but one of her fictional agents was played by Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam.

One Direction

Season 6, Episode 2 — "iGo One Direction"

Carly managed to nab One Direction for her show at the height of their popularity — and even found herself getting close with Harry Styles. Cosgrove recently revealed that Styles was her favorite guest star she got to work with.

Tina Fey & Jimmy Fallon

Season 6, Episode 7 — "iShock America"

After Jimmy Fallon sees some of Carly’s sketches, he invites the iCarly crew to his show. Tina Fey makes an appearance as well when she hops into Fallon’s video chat. Fey once called the iCarly finale one of “the gold standards” of television finales, so she’s a big fan. “I was moved to tears by the iCarly finale,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Emma Stone

Season 6, Episode 9 — "iFind Spencer Friends"

Emma Stone played an iCarly superfan who totally loses it when she spots Carly IRL.

The Cast of Pawn Stars

Season 6, Episode 11 — "iLost My Head in Vegas"

The Pawn Stars cast played themselves in this episode. To bail Sam’s mom out of jail, the iCarly crew decided to pawn some of their beloved items — only Chumlee accidentally ate Carly’s prized potato chip.