Everything To Know About iCarly Season 4

Paramount+ has yet to renew the revival.

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Nathan Kress as Freddie Benson and Miranda Cosgrove as Carly Shay in the 'iCarly' Season 3 finale, v...
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After a decade and a half of teasing, the Paramount+ iCarly revival finally gave Creddie shippers what they wanted in Season 3. Now that Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) are officially a couple, does that mean they could already be walking down the aisle? The July 27 finale — titled “iHave a Proposal” — features a wedding (for Freddie’s mom and Lewbert), but naturally, a “misunderstanding leads Freddie and Carly to consider their own future together,” the streamer teased ahead of the episode. Regardless of the outcome, viewers are likely to be clamoring for an iCarly Season 4 by the time the credits roll.

Paramount+ has yet to renew or cancel iCarly ahead of a potential fourth season, but the cast already said as much, warning fans that the “huge” Season 3 finale would leave them wanting more. “I don’t think people will be happy if this was the end of the show,” Kress hinted to J-14 in June, while Laci Mosley, who plays Harper, added, “You’re gonna want Season 4 more than you’ve wanted anything.”

While you await an announcement from Paramount+ either way, here’s everything to know about the iCarly revival’s possible next chapter.

The iCarly Season 4 Cast

In addition to Cosgrove, Kress, and Mosley, the core iCarly cast — which also includes Jerry Trainor (Spencer) and Jaidyn Triplett (Millicent) — is likely to remain intact in a potential Season 4. Though it remains to be seen which other actors could make a comeback, Season 3 also featured: Josh Peck (Paul), James Maslow (Shane), Hannah Stocking (Sunny Johnson), Reed Alexander (Nevel Papperman), Mary Scheer (Mrs. Benson), Tim Russ (Principal Johnson), Jeremy Rowley (Lewbert), Bailey Stender (Prunella Pitz), Benjamin Norris (Troy), Skyler Day (Magic Malika), Mason Alexander Park (Toby Peterson), Patty Guggenheim (Tinsley), Chris David (Ripoff Rodney), and Andrew Shea (Barry).

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The iCarly Season 4 Potential Premiere Date

Though Paramount+ has yet to announce a Season 4 premiere date, the first three installments dropped in either April or June, making a spring 2024 return seem likely. It remains to be seen how the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes might delay production, however. Showrunner Ali Schouten has been supporting the causes and even tweeted at Nickelodeon on July 15, asking the network to provide residuals “on the episodes you already aired then later pretended you didn’t.” She also posted a photo of Trainor and Kress on the picket line and retweeted a video of the two dancing with Cosgrove while Triplett sang the iCarly theme song, “Leave It All to Me,” for picketers on July 18. “This is a labor anthem now,” the iCarly Writers account tweeted the same day.

This post will be updated as more iCarly Season 4 details become available.

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