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Jennifer Lopez’s Valentine’s Day Video From Ben Affleck Is Heart-Melting

You might actually cry.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's relationship continues with an adorable Valentine's Day gift. Photo...

Forget flowers, chocolate, and jewelry (OK, don’t forget them — just set them aside for now). This Valentine’s Day weekend, the best gift your significant other can give you might just be a homemade music video. Preferably set to an emotional single from your latest movie, if you have one. As Jennifer Lopez revealed in the first edition of her On The JLo newsletter on Saturday, Feb. 12, Ben Affleck’s early Valentine’s Day present was exactly that: an edit of the “On My Way” music video from Marry Me, intercut with clips from the couple’s early-aughts relationship — from acting together, to the red carpet, to adorable behind-the-scenes snaps.

“Watching it made me think about the journey of true love, its unexpected twists and turns, and that when it’s real, it actually can last forever,” Lopez wrote in her newsletter. “This seriously melted my heart.”

While the throwback footage would work well with any romantic song, Lopez and Affleck’s relationship fits “On My Way,” specifically, pretty perfectly. The anthem is all about two people going through respective bumps in the road before finding each other — or in Bennifer 2.0’s case, finding each other again, 17 years after they called off their engagement. Just look at those lyrics: “And every heartbreak was a yellow brick road / Pointing me straight, just taking me home / I was never lost / I was just passing through.”

Going through repeated heartbreaks to find love in an unexpected place is the prevailing theme of Marry Me, which premiered in theaters and on Peacock on Feb. 11. And Lopez isn’t shy about the life-imitates-art-imitates-life aspect of it all. “The movie was very meta for me ... and I was able to kind of, really bring special little nuances,” she told Today earlier in February. “Like, I know what it feels like to go home and have [the media] making jokes about you on TV.”

Fortunately, Lopez used that narrative to catalyze a truly feel-good film — and to guide her next chapter with Affleck. “I think what we learned from the last time is that love, when you are lucky enough to find it, is so sacred and special, and you have to hold a little bit of that privately ... but we’re very happy,” she said.