Supermodel Kate Bock "Had No Idea" Kevin Love Would Propose On Her Birthday

The new Pompette Chief Brand Officer dishes on her engagement, The Bachelor, and distanced date nights.

by Savannah Walsh
Kate Bock poses with Pompette Beverages. Photo via Pompette
Courtesy of Pompette Beverages

When remembering a favorite Valentine's Day, most people don't think of Sports Illustrated. But for supermodel Kate Bock, who graces the cover of 2020's SI Swimsuit issue, the holiday has frequently been linked to her appearances in the pages of that very magazine. "I feel like actually Sports Illustrated often has launched on Valentine’s Day. So many of them have been very fun and busy and full of events," Bock, 33, recalls during a recent Zoom call with Bustle. "One time we were in Las Vegas with Sports Illustrated and I got a rose from [host] Chris [Harrison] from The Bachelor, so I thought that was pretty fun."

This year, Bock's Valentine's Day plans will be looking a little less glamorous. After recently getting engaged to Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love, 32, the couple is sadly spending the day devoted to love apart — most likely watching The Bachelor and wedding planning via FaceTime. "Unfortunately, he’s in basketball season so he’s on the road on a road trip for a few weeks. So I’m going to be not with him," Bock explains.

Aside from Valentine's Day, the two still have a lot to celebrate. Namely their recent engagement, which caught Bock completely by surprise. "He did it on my birthday, so it was kind of a good, sneaky way to keep it in that I didn’t suspect anything of going to a nice dinner and having a nice bottle of wine and going to our favorite restaurant," she says. "Like, it made it really special but he was very good at keeping it cool."

Like most couples, Bock says it's "a little bit tough" to envision a wedding amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the newly-engaged pair is looking forward to celebrating their wedding day when the world returns to semi-normal. "We're gonna think summer 2022 and hopefully, maybe, that will feel safe and comfortable at the time," Bock says. "Because we have friends and family from multiple different countries that would have to come together. So I think we can start brainstorming the fun stuff — the kind of style and vibe."

Another thing the couple will need to figure out is which cocktails will grace the bar at their reception. Bock, who has been named the Chief Brand Officer of Pompette Beverages, has a few ideas on that front. "Kevin and I both like to eat really clean, healthy food that gives you good energy," Bock says. "Pompette is just a nice, light addition. It’s crisp, it’s low-calorie, it’s clean, it’s natural. It kind of just goes with anything." After unearthing the sparkling hard seltzer over the summer, Bock has been experimenting with several recipes, from the Clementine Berry mixed with gin, ginger ale, and blood orange juice to the Lemon Mint, which utilizes fresh lemon and a sprig of rosemary.

Photo via Pompette Beverages

Despite a distanced Valentine's Day and TBD wedding day, Bock says she and Love are more connected than ever. "I do actually think (sheltering at home) brought us closer together," she says. We really didn’t separate for probably like 8 months ever. We were together the whole time and not really having friends around either. So it was really cool to spend that much time together and see that we were having fun and made the best of it."