This Hilarious KUWTK-Meets-Camp Rock 2 TikTok Is Kardashian-Approved

The video found its way to the Kardashian group chat.

A TikTok video hilariously mashes up 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and 'Camp Rock 2.'
Keeping Up With the Kardashians/YouTube; Disney Plus

Keeping Up With the Kardashians may be over, but the long-running E! reality series will never stop inspiring new memes. And thank God for that, because we’ve gotten some golden ones over the years. The latest is a spectacular mashup from the TikTok user @dashcentral that incorporates scenes from the 2010 Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam into KUWTK to ingenious effect. It’s the crossover you didn’t know you needed — and it’s even found its way to the Kardashian family group chat.

The TikTok throws it back to 2019, to the Season 17 finale, when matriarch Kris Jenner took the family to Wyoming for some bonding to deal with tension between her oldest daughters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian. Armed with a megaphone, she led a ziplining excursion that has now officially proved to be ideal for dropping in a group of Camp Rock 2 campers that are on the march to their rival camp. The mashup’s creator, who was inspired by a similar video by @eddieoficialgf (which used Stranger Things characters instead of the Kardashians), started with a scene in which Demi Lovato’s Mitchie Torres leads the group through the woods, chanting “Camp Rock!” Accompanying them are Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas, as the members of the fictional band Connect 3. As they go, the video cuts between them and hilarious reaction shots from KUWTK that basically look like the Kardashians (plus sister Kendall Jenner) are silently judging the teens.

The Kardashians themselves approve of the TikTok. Kim was the first to share it on her Instagram story on Saturday, July 23, writing, “OMG someone sent this in our group chat and it has me dyingggg like crying.” That someone, it turns out, was Khloé, who reshared it in her own story and shaded Kim, adding, “This hoe really said ‘someone’ Knowing damn well it was me lol.” Shortly thereafter, Kourtney shared it as well, but without commentary.

While Camp Rock and Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn’t the most obvious combination, there’s actually some history there. The day after the TV musical premiered in September 2010, Kim tweeted about it, writing, “Who saw The Jonas Brother’s Camp Rock 2? What did u guys think? I love the Jonas Brothers!”

And the love seems to go both ways. The brothers hilariously recreated a memorable Keeping Up With the Kardashians argument in 2020, with Joe in the role of Kim, Nick as Khloé, and Kevin making a cameo as Kourtney. “Don’t be Rude!” Joe captioned his Instagram post.

As for Lovato, she’s never hidden the fact that she’s a big KUWTK fan, so it isn’t surprising that she loved the recent TikTok, too. The singer shared it to her Instagram stories with three face-with-three-tears-of-joy emojis added, because it’s just that good.