Khloé Kardashian Said Not Talking About Race Sets Kids Up For Failure

“I’m obviously not a woman of color ... I want her to be exposed to as much inclusion but variety as possible.”

Khloe Kardashian attends 2019 E! People's Choice Awards.
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian is opening up about her experience raising a Black child in America. During a guest appearance on Leomie Anderson’s Role Model podcast, the reality TV star talked about the parenting approach she takes with her 3-year-old daughter True Thompson, who she co-parents with her ex Tristan Thompson.

“I will be always learning and trying to do the best I can do as being her mom, but I’m obviously not a woman of color,” the 37-year-old mother said on the podcast. “I want her to be exposed to as much inclusion but variety as possible.” The Good American founder acknowledged how different her life is in comparison to most people and that she wanted to make sure True was able to see and experience different ways of life. “I don’t want her living in a bubble. Because we do have this very privileged life, I want her to know all types of life, all types of living and be very aware of that.”

She also mentioned her upbringing on the podcast, sharing that although her family had a very privileged life, her late father Robert Kardashian “always exposed us to the realities of life.”

Kardashian also told Anderson that she understands why people hesitate to bring up the topic, saying, “I know some people get uncomfortable with talking to their kids about race.” She continued, “Or they think, ‘Oh, we live in a bubble. We never have to address that my child is Black.’ Of course, you do! You’re only setting them up for failure if you don’t talk about race and things they’re going to endure when they’re in, quote, ‘the real world.’”

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She went on to say she wants True to be “surrounded by love,” while also “very aware” that she is a woman of color. “I have to educate her as best I can while still educating myself at the same time,” she added. “I know it’s a never-ending journey being a mother. It’s not just when they’re 18 that you forget about them — you really think that as a kid, but you’re always their mom.”

Khloé also told the podcast host what advice she’d like to pass on to True: “I need to let True make her own mistakes. That’s how she’s going to learn. I think a good reputation is more valuable than anything else in the world.”