Kylie Jenner’s "WAP" Video Cameo Has Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Fans *Upset*

People have thoughts.

Kylie Jenner in Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion's "WAP" music video
Cardi B/YouTube

Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion released their single “WAP” on Aug. 7 — and the music video featured quite a few surprise appearances. Normani! Rosaliá! Rubi Rose! Sukihana! Mulatto! And, wait, Kylie Jenner? Yes, that’s a Jenner in a cheetah bodysuit — and Kylie Jenner’s “WAP” music video cameo has fans upset.

The video directed by Colin Tilley takes place in, among other settings, an opulent mansion with pastel teal walls (lined with golden butt sculptures, of course) and filled with many rooms. At around the one-minute mark, a cheetah-print clad Jenner makes her way through the halls as the music temporarily pauses for dramatic effect. After brief eye contact with a leopard in one of the rooms, Jenner disappears behind a closed door down the hall.

It’s a video filled with lots of splendor and bright, joyful visuals. Other standout details include the fountain statue of Cardi and Megan outside of the manor and the cheetah- and zebra-print rooms. Still, Jenner’s cameo came as a complete surprise, with Cardi and Megan’s fans maintaining that her appearance felt out of place among the Black women. However, the cameo might not be so random at all. For one thing: Jenner and Megan have been known to hang out from time to time.

And, as Cardi explained on Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” on Aug. 7, she and Meg wanted “a lot of different females” for the video and “not just female rappers.” From “models to influencers” and everybody in between, Cardi said she wanted a variety of women for the “very sexy” video. “These are the girls that I personally like," Cardi explained. "I really feel they are going to go mainstream… All the girls right here, there [are] different things that I like about them. That's why I said variety.”

Well, the variety has proven a bit controversial. A few Twitter users expressed their disappointment over the surprise cameo. Writer Roxane Gay, for one, maintained that “no one asked for that.”

Others, however, went straight for the memes — and one Twitter user even invoked Jenner’s viral “Rise and Shine” song.

Cardi, for her part, laughed off the criticism, even sharing one of the "Rise and Shine" memes on her Twitter page and tagging Jenner.

All surprise aside, "WAP" isn't exactly Jenner's music video debut. The Kylie Cosmetics mogul has appeared in Tyga's "Stimulated," Jaden Smith's "Blue Ocean," and, alongside sister Kendall Jenner, The Boy Band Project's "Find That Girl." Still, this might just be her most memed music video appearance yet.