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Love Is Blind Vet Cameron Hamilton Addressed Season 6’s “Drama” & “Mess”

Plus, why he and wife Lauren skipped the reunion.

 Cameron Hamilton of 'Love Is Blind' Season 1 addressed Season 6's drama (with wife Lauren Speed Ham...
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Cameron and Lauren Hamilton are one of Love Is Blind’s greatest success stories, so when they were missing from the Season 6 reunion, many fans had questions. The answer turned out to be pretty tame (a scheduling conflict), but as Cameron attempted to “clear the air” in a March 15 Instagram video, he found himself walking a fine line between giving his honest take about the most recent “experiment” and possibly offending the cast. Still, he made a valid point — not just about Love Is Blind but reality TV in general.

Turning Off LIB Season 6

It turns out that Cameron skipped more than the reunion; he skipped most of Season 6. After he admitted that he “only watched a few episodes of the show,” he explained, “I just wasn’t motivated to keep watching.” For Cameron, it wasn’t because he had any issues with the cast. He simply couldn’t find “those couples that [he] wanted to root for,” he said. Only one couple got married on the season, whereas four of the five prior seasons saw at least two pairs tie the knot.

Cameron noted in text overlay that even a “great cast” won’t necessarily lead to great connections, but he hinted at a problem in that area. “When it comes to genuineness, I think on every season there are people who are open to getting married, there are people who want to get famous, and there are people who fall somewhere in the middle,” he said.

LIB Cast Awareness

Now that Love Is Blind has been going on for four years, Cameron speculated that people’s familiarity with the show affects the “experiment.” He suggested cast members might do what they know works to get attention, including dialing up “the drama, the mess.” “Now, Season 6, the cast is well aware of how this show works,” he said.

It’s an interesting point. Reality TV doesn’t happen in a vacuum. In The Bachelor franchise’s 20-plus years, for example, roles emerged (think: villain) that some contestants actually seem to want. Fans also routinely speculate about how much drama is manufactured on shows like Vanderpump Rules. And let’s not forget Jessica Simpson’s admission in her 2020 memoir, Open Book, that starring on Newlyweds influenced how she and then-husband Nick Lachey behaved.

“We had become actors in our own lives, playing ourselves,” she wrote (via Us Weekly). “Worse, we slowly started acting out our parts even when cameras weren’t rolling.”

Love For LIB And The Cast

Though Love Is Blind drama doesn’t appeal as much to him, Cameron still appreciates the franchise and doesn’t fault the cast. “What is everyone talking about when they watch this show? It’s all the memes, it’s all the one-liners, it’s all the drama, the mess,” he pointed out in his video. “So can you really blame the cast for playing into that?”

He also clarified that he didn’t want his opinion to be seen as him directing hate or shade at the cast. “I don’t want this video to come across as me talking down on the cast,” he wrote in a comment on his post. After sharing why he went on the show, he reiterated, “I hate to come across like I’m judging the cast - I’m simply sharing my experience as a viewer.”