Will There Be A Lupin Part 4?

The creator has a “good plan” to resolve that cliffhanger.

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Omar Sy stars as Assane Diop in 'Lupin,' which hasn't yet been renewed for Part 4.
Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

Assane Diop wasn’t the only one left dumbfounded in the Lupin Part 3 finale. Though Netflix has yet to renew the French series, the cliffhanger certainly gave the character, played by Omar Sy, a jumping-off point for a potential Lupin Part 4.

George Kay, the crime thriller’s co-creator and writer, knew viewers would have questions about the return of villain Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). Breaking down the “very open ending,” Kay talked to about how the twist would affect a future installment.

“It’s the equivalent of, ‘What we’ve just been through for seven hours, is that really what just happened?’ Which feels good,” Kay said. “It’s a bit of a haunting. You’re like, ‘Hang on a sec.’ It’s a great place to end the season.”

Kay and his team already have “a good plan” to unpack the cliffhanger, with Pellegrini “definitely” playing a significant role. “For me, there’s no question that Pellegrini is behind something there. ... Nothing happens by accident in Lupin,” Kay told the outlet. “Assane Diop has lots of enemies but he’s only got one arch enemy.”

Emmanuel Guimier/Netflix

Given Lupin’s reportedly massive global viewership — 70 million worldwide subscribers streamed the series within the first 28 days of release, per Netflix — a renewal is certainly feasible. Sy, for one, is ready and willing to return to the “gentleman thief” character, which was created specifically for him.

The series itself uses books by Maurice Leblanc as inspiration. Leblanc’s novels exist within the show, but Kay is careful to include only literary Easter eggs, rather than adapt full storylines. As he explained to Variety in 2021, he uses the books alternately as a shorthand, an inspiration, and a “get-out-of-jail free card” when he’s “stuck in a situation.”

If Lupin Part 4 is renewed, a timeline is hard to predict. In a September 2022 teaser, the streamer hinted that Part 3 was “coming soon,” but it didn’t drop until more than a year later.

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