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Twitter Can't Get Over Adrian's Explosive Exit On MAFS UK

"The best moment on British reality TV in years."

by Shahed Ezaydi

Explosive dinner parties and awkward moments are just part and parcel when it comes to Married At First Sight UK. But the episode that aired on Tuesday night (Oct. 11) took things to a whole new level as tensions bubbled to the surface during the final dinner party. Adrian and Thomas had a face-off with newly-formed couple Matt and Whitney. And nothing was left open to interpretation between the contestants, as the argument ended with fan-favourite Adrian telling Whitney to “f*ck off” as he made a dramatic early exit from the proceedings.

It was an eventful evening all round for Adrian and Thomas, who decided they wouldn’t be continuing with their relationship as the couples approach their final vows. Later on, the group played an honesty box game, where George was asked who the fakest couple at the table was, to which he responded with Adrian and Thomas. The duo initially laughed off the comments, but it prompted Adrian to address a previous remark made by Matt at the commitment ceremony, whereby he called Adrian and Thomas’ relationship a “fabrication.”

Adrian boldly told Matt, who controversially left his wife for another contestant, that his opinion didn’t matter. “If there’s any person in this world who’s going to tell me I didn’t work my arse off at this marriage, it most certainly will not be someone who didn’t give his a day,” he remarked. Him and Matt then engaged in a back and forth, with Adrian accusing his co-star of having “sh*tty 1990s energy” when he raised his voice. And it wasn’t long before Thomas got involved. When Matt called Thomas a joke, he responded by labelling Matt “G.I. F*cking Joe,” much to the amusement of the audience at home.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter is now ablaze with reactions to the dramatic MAFS UK dinner scene, with many landing on Team Adrian, calling him a “king” and “the people’s representative.” See our pick of the best online reactions, below.