Maisie Williams & Reuben Selby Are Basically An Office Romance

And they're fast becoming one of the most stylish celebrity couples in the industry.

Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty Images

Whether you're a hopeless romantic or jaded by it all, there's no denying that Maisie Williams & Reuben Selby's relationship has a real air of magic about it. Dating in the public eye might well be hard work, but some people make it look easy as pie and for Williams & Selby it all appears to be going splendidly.

Speaking to the Independent, Williams said that she and Selby had moved to Paris just before lockdown. "We came here three, four weeks ago – my boyfriend is working remotely like most people, so we thought it’d be a good opportunity because we love it here so much."

Relocating to one of the world's style capitals is a natural move as Selby is heavily involved in the fashion industry and was initially a photographer by trade. "I’ve worked with designers casting for shows and for magazine editorials and my own editorials too," he told Dazed. "I’ve assisted a lot of fashion photographers, stylists, and casting directors." Using this wealth of experience, Selby founded model agency Contact Agency and co-founded Cortex Creatives a platform to highlight emerging talent. He also worked as communications director for Williams' Daisie app back in 2018 before they were officially a thing.

The couple have been steadily making more and more public appearances together, attending a fashion shows, events, and parties. They've also gained a reputation for what can only be described as "matching couple goals," often being spotted wearing similar outfits and makeup looks.

Although it's not clear exactly when Cupid drew back his bow or how they met in the first place, Here's what we know about Maisie Williams & Reuben Selby's relationship.

January 2018: Selby Begins Working For William's Daisie App

In December 2017 he first tweeted the Daisie Logo but it was in January 2018, according to his LinkedIn that he began working as Communications Director for the app.

February 2019: They're Spotted Holding Hands

Rumours about their relationship changing from a professional to a more personal one began back in February 2019 when the Daily Mail shared photos of them walking hand in hand in New York City.

March 2019: They Go Grid Official

The fashion savvy pair were papped front row of Paris Fashion Week at shows including Thom Browne and Givenchy. At this point grid official, they began posting pictures of each other more regularly on Instagram, showing off not only their cute AF relationship but their seriously stylish looks.

June 2019: They Attend Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' Wedding As A Couple

In June of the same year, Williams was lucky enough to be maid of honour at her best pal and GOT co-star Sophie Turner's wedding to Joe Jonas. Selby attended as her date. Both their relationship and status as the ultimate co-ordinating couple continued to blossom. During the (multiple) parties to celebrate the nuptials, major looks were an absolute must and Williams and Selby's his-and-hers power suits were a bit of all-white.

September 2019: Selby Is Involved With Designing Williams' Emmy's Gown

In Sept 2019, Williams attended the Emmy Awards wearing a dress which had been custom-designed in collaboration with Selby and JW Anderson. "I asked Reuben if he would design something with me in mind," she told Elle. "My height, my shape, my likes and insecurities. He must’ve drawn up around 30 sketches, but we picked our favourite ones and it just so happened that Jonathan preferred our favourite sketch."

December 2019: WIlliams Shares Pics Of Their (Plant) Children

On New Year's Eve 2019, Williams shared a picture of the pair in sweats and surrounded by an enviable amount of plants. "This year was the best," began her lengthy caption. "I fell in love with a boy and I fell in love with myself." Adding towards the end, "2020 will probably be filled with more days spent tending our pot plant children which sounds perfect to me."

April 2020: Selby Shares Loved Up HBD Post

Selby took to his Instagram to show the world his appreciation for bae with a heap of unseen photos and the caption, "Happy birthday angel 😇💗 love you xxx

May 2020: Selby Shoots Cover Of Wonderland Ft Williams

A major first for the creative, Selby shared an Instagram post which featured Williams on the cover. In the caption Selby revealed the shot was taken in, "our" back garden.

July 2020: They Attend PFW Fashion Show

Not letting a global pandemic affect their sartorial joie de vivre, they attended Jacquemus' uber chic socially-distanced fashion show in July 2020 which was held in an enormous wheat field. A nod, I can only assume, to Theresa May's wild and reckless youth.

August 2020: They Share His & Hers Photos

They call it the golden hour for a reason and blimey, don't they look glorious? Photographed in the same location and both resplendent in cool AF teeshirts.

Living in Paris and both busy with work, A/W 2020 looks set to be a good one for them both.