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Only 1 Married At First Sight UK Couple Has Stayed Together

And they've even got an Instagram account to keep viewers updated on their relationship.

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The sixth season of Married At First Sight UK has just landed and, taking inspiration from the Australian version, Channel 4 is promising the most “explosive” series yet. The question is, however, among all the drama of this reality show, do the contestants actually get what they're after? In other words, are any Married At First Sight UK couples still together?

This season, relationship expert Paul C Brunson, confidence coach Mel Schilling, and intimacy coach Charlene Douglas have been hard at work pairing up some new couples. However, as the first few episodes have already revealed, aren’t exactly going to plan. So far we’ve seen Nikita admit Ant wasn’t her type and Morag complain that she didn’t get what “she ordered.” So the jury’s out on whether the show will be successful at creating long-lasting relationships this year. But are there any past contestants to give us hope?

Well, yes and no. Sadly, a lot of couples from past seasons have now ended things. Former matches Emma and James from the first season of the show seemed like they were on the right track but eventually parted ways after admitting they weren't sexually attracted to each other.

Then there was season three's Stephanie and Ben. They couldn't keep their eyes (or hands) off each other from the get go. But, in a sudden twist, Ben revealed that he'd left Stephanie and they were getting a divorce. He later appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and, despite having moved on with a new partner (who was pregnant with his child), was famously amorous with costar Roxanne Pallet.

Season five of Married At First Sight saw clinical psychologist Dr Angela Smith work alongside Brunson and romance expert Gen Gresset. The Guardian reported at the time that the trio had laboriously searched through a stonking 7,000 applicants to find the right matches. And, thank god, that groundwork paid off – well, for one of the two couples at least.

While David and Shareen's relationship went from bad to worse as the series progressed (David was a planner while Shareen considered herself more of a free spirit), fan favourites Michelle and Owen may have proved that this social experiment can actually work.

In an unprecedented Married At First Sight UK move, Michelle revealed at the end of the season that she was planning to move in with Owen in Sheffield. The pair were loved up throughout the whole 2020 series and now it looks like they're going to make a good go of it. Hallelujah! They’ve even got a joint Instagram account to keep fans updated on their marriage journey.

While only time will tell if Michelle and Owen really will break the Married At First Sight UK curse, watching their blossoming relationship over the 2020 quarantine was the love story we all needed. Plus it gives us a little hope for this year’s contestants.

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