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This Is How Many Married At First Sight UK Couples Have Stayed Together

Does the social experiment actually work?

Indigo Wild / Channel 4

It's not always easy meeting a partner. And if you've got your eyes set on heading up the aisle and want to speed up the process, it doesn't get much speedier than Married At First Sight, which sees singles get hitched the first time they meet. So for some, taking part in the ultimate blind (and hopefully last ever) date on Married At First Sight holds great appeal. But the question is, do the show's stars get what they're truly after? Are any Married At First Sight UK couples still together?

Well, there could be hope for the 2020 couples Michelle and Owen, and David and Shareen, but we will have to wait and see whether they choose to stay together. This will hopefully be revealed in the current series’ last episode, which airs Tuesday, Oct. 27. The synopsis for the episode reads: “Owen and Michelle have a make-or-break decision over how to deal with the dilemma of living 250 miles apart, while David and Shareen grapple with finding common ground.” Uh oh.

So far, there have been a few worrying hints that may suggest what happened to the couples after filming, but nothing solid as of yet. For example, Heart shared that Owen’s Facebook page apparently still states his relationship status as ‘single’.

Unfortunately it may not be looking good as the show has yet to have orchestrated a lasting love match in previous series prior to 2020. The show, which is described as a "social experiment," uses psychological analysis and the input of relationship experts to match its participants. Despite this, the show has thus far proven that although love is all about chemistry, it certainly isn't a simple science.

Former matches Emma and James from the first season of the show seemed like they were on the right track but sadly ended up parting ways as they weren't sexually attracted to each other, according to the Radio Times. Finding the balance between fancying someone and actually wanting a long term relationship with someone is always tricky as evidenced by Season 3's Stephanie and Ben. They couldn't keep their eyes (or hands) off each other from the get go but later Ben revealed that he'd left her and they were getting a divorce. He later appeared on CBB and, despite having moved on with a new partner (who was pregnant with his child), was famously amorous with costar Roxanne Pallet.

The latest season of Married At First Sight sees clinical psychologist Dr Angela Smith work alongside matchmakers Paul C Brunson (described as Oprah’s “love doctor”) and British romance expert Gen Gresset. The Guardian reports that the trio laboriously searched through a stonking 7,000 applicants to find the right matches. So who knows, maybe this season will be the year the show produces true love that lasts.

The next episode of Married At First Sight airs Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 9.15 p.m. on Channel 4.