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The Bachelor Contestant Marylynn Is "No Stranger To Tears"

Watch out, Ashley I., someone might be coming for the title of most emotional.

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Marylynn in The Bachelor Season 25, via ABC press site.
Craig Sjodin/ABC

According to Chris Harrison, The Bachelor's Marylynn may be the most emotional contestant the franchise has ever seen. She's "definitely no stranger to tears," he explained in his video introducing the women of Matt James' Bachelor season, likening her to frequent crier Ashley Iaconetti. But he added that Marylynn "overcame a really challenging childhood," and her inspiring story is "truly unlike any story we've heard before on the show."

At 28, Marylynn is looking for a man who is "ready to commit and not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve," according to her official ABC bio. She also wants someone who is stable, loyal, and will be "a rock for her when life throws the inevitable curve ball their way." Here's everything else to know about perhaps the most dramatic contestant on Matt James' season.

Marylynn's Job Before The Bachelor

Marylynn is currently an event coordinator in Studio City, California, but she wants to start a nonprofit focused around "promoting environmental welfare and healthy lifestyle choices." In particular, she's interested in reducing, and eventually eradicating, single-use plastics.

"Anyone who knows me well knows how PASSIONATE I am about the environment and sustaining it as best we know how," Marylynn wrote in a June 16 Instagram post. "Every time I think of our beautiful planet, I’m consumed by guilt as we continue to trash it with single use plastic/waste. Without much regard or knowledge, we unsustainably deplete Earth of her very scarce natural resources."

Marylynn's Instagram

Marylynn's Instagram is full of fashion shots and vacations with friends, including a 2019 trip to Bali. She's also posted about the importance of acknowledging and combatting systemic racism, and most recently posted about her snap decision to go on a reality TV show.

"If you had asked pre-2020 Marylynn if she would ever do reality TV, the answer would have been a hard no," she wrote on Dec. 29. "But alas, this year tore down my scope of what is 'normal' aka 'safe' and urged me to live wildly out of my comfort zone. It inspired me to do something I 'never' would have done."

Marylynn Isn't Afraid To Get Vulnerable

In that same Dec. 29 post, Marylynn went on to write that she looks forward to "sharing my most vulnerable side" with Bachelor Nation. "I am sharing my deepest traumas that have shaped the woman I am today. I tried my best to present my most authentic self and I hope that comes across in the edits. I really broke down my walls for this one!" she added.

She's posted similarly emotional messages on her Instagram in the past. "All my mistakes become lessons. All my traumas rip me apart creating a mold for resilience," she wrote on Dec. 18. "I feel so deeply. I crave for so much. That doesn’t stop me from being completely terrified of failing at love."

She's At The Center Of Drama

Marylynn may be living as her most authentic self at the mansion, but it sounds like that puts her at odds with one of the other contestants early on. Harrison noted that Marylynn "finds herself in one of the big feuds," adding that it has to do with "unexpected roommate drama." In her bio, Marylynn does mention that she doesn't want to date anyone who's lazy or lacking in hygiene, so maybe the drama is about a messy or thoughtless roommate? Regardless of what happens, it sounds like we may get some tearful confrontations from the get-go.

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