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Thingamabob On Masked Singer Is Probably This NFL Star

The voice is unmistakable.

Thingamabob from 'Masked Singer' Season  7, who fans think is NFL player Jordan Mailata.
Michael Becker/FOX

Following McTerrier’s unmasking as pastry chef Duff Goldman on The Masked Singer Season 7, there are still four competitors left to reveal in Round 1 of “The Good, The Bad, and The Cuddly” face-off. This includes Team Cuddly’s Thingamabob, a very tall competitor who towered over host Nick Cannon and wowed audiences with his rendition of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive.” The judges guessed that he could be wrestler Chris Jericho or football player Terrell Owens. But on Reddit, the reigning theory is that Thingamabob is Jordan Mailata, a 6-foot-8-inch, 360-pound rugby player turned offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles. “I’m so positive it’s Jordan,” one YouTube user wrote. “Look up Jordan singing. It’s him 100%.”

There’s certainly evidence to back this up. In Thingamabob’s first clue package, the voiceover said that he was “taken from his natural habitat and now needs to fend for himself.” There was an ornament that read “Hotel California,” and Bulldog from Season 5 (who was unmasked as Nick Cannon) came out holding a net and tackle box. There was also a donation jar that read “Save the Thingamabob” with a picture of a golden bell, four quarters, and an eagle flying overhead.

Per ESPN, Mailata was a part-time Australian rugby player who originally played for the Bankstown Bulls, which could be the reference to Cannon’s Bulldog. When he was 20, NFL executives saw an impressive clip reel of him (which included a game where it took four men to tackle him) and offered him a tryout under the NFL International Practice Squad Program — a newly designed program meant to help international athletes break into the almost exclusively American sport. According to Samoan culture, Mailata wasn’t supposed to leave his parent’s house until he was married, but he begged his parents to let him move to America and eventually won his dad over. (Per The New York Times, Mailata was making just $8,000 annually as a rugby player, and had to supplement his income by working demolition.) In February 2018, Mailata tried out for the International Practice Squad Program in Los Angeles — which mirrors Thingamabob’s “Hotel California” — and was accepted.

Like Thingamabob, Mailata was forced to fend for himself when he arrived at the training camp in Florida. He had to learn football from scratch, and per CNN, he only chose to play left tackle because it’s the position the main character had in The Blind Side — referenced by the tackle box in Thingamabob’s clue package. Mailata also had only ever watched football during the Super Bowl, and could initially only recall Super Bowl 50 because Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay performed at the halftime show. But he persisted, and after just a few months he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in April 2018 — tying into Thingamabob’s Liberty Bell and eagle clues. As the starting left tackle for the team, Mailata is now a fan favorite and is often described as a “human wrecking ball.”

On top of all these clues, Mailata can really sing, and he clearly enjoys country and rock music.

Thingamabob is such a strong contender that we might not find out who he is for another few weeks. But as of right now, all signs point to Mailata.