Matt Smith Proves He’s Daddy Daemon In This Viral House Of The Dragon Video

Leo Ashton, who plays Aemond Targaryen, shared the behind-the-scenes clip on Nov. 27.

Matt Smith Proves He’s Daddy Daemon In This Viral 'House Of The Dragon Video'
Ollie Upton/HBO

Matt Smith’s performance in House of the Dragon as Daemon Targaryen has endeared him to many fans as the problematic favorite of the Game of Thrones prequel series. As Rhaenyra’s uncle/husband/baby daddy, many fans lauded his performance — and thirsted for him. Now, in a behind-the-scenes video shared on Nov. 27 by co-star Leo Ashton, who portrays Aemond, Smith is seen showcasing a softer and more compassionate side unlike the character he plays.

In the clip, Smith hugs and chats with younger cast members about what episodes they will be returning for. “Matt Smith is very very nice you know,” Ashton tweeted alongside the video. “He went out of his way to come and say bye...this vid is funny cos I’m clearly a bit in awe as I don’t speak.” Ashton also shared that he had lost a family member before this clip was filmed, which made his interaction with Smith even more meaningful. “Also we got the boat with him and he was really nice to me cos my great grandma had just died and he was so sad for me and it made mum cry that he understood grief.” The Daily Mail reported that Smith had lost his father while filming the HBO series in 2021, which left him “devastated.”

“Well listen, well done, kids,” Smith says toward the end of the short Twitter video, adding that “it wouldn’t be the same” without them. It isn’t clear what episode was filmed when this sweet moment was captured, but likely that it’s for the season’s second half after the first time jump.

Twitter collectively swooned over Daddy Daemon, and now we’re all crying in High Valyrian. “He meant it when he called himself daddy daemon,” the “out of context house of the dragon” Twitter account (@oochotd) wrote alongside the video. “this is the man ppl were trying to villanize the other day for signing ‘uncle daddy daemon’ in an autograph session for his hotd fans and for talking positively about the canonical marriage he plays on screen” @roguesdelights tweeted.

“Wait no this is actually so sweet gosh darn it that’s actually very nice of Matt” another person chimed in.

@strwbrrylychee summed up our feelings perfectly: “Matt Smith’s charm is just oozing and people wonder why we love Daemon. It’s all just Matt Smith.” Retweet.

Smith previously told Esquire that he’d love to be a father IRL. “I do think that’s what life is all about in the end. Children. Making a family. You know, when you’re dead, and you’re on the slab, that’s what’ll count,” he said in August 2022.

In the meantime, we’ll be drawing up papers so Daemon can adopt us.