Memes & Tweets About Deepti’s Love Is Blind Journey Are So Supportive

“We stan a baddie who knows her worth!”

Deepti of 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 is being celebrated in memes and tweets for rejecting Shake in th...

Amid the messiness of the Love Is Blind Season 2 finale on Feb. 25, there were surprising and shining moments. One of those bright spots was the culmination of Deepti Vempati’s journey. After red flags popped up in her relationship with fellow contestant Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, the 31-year-old information analyst ultimately chose herself. It was a move that quickly had her trending on Twitter as fans celebrated her for knowing her worth and not settling for someone who’d been wishy-washy about his feelings for her.

“I deserve somebody who knows for sure, so I’m choosing myself and I’m going to say no,” Deepti told Shake at the altar. Further discussing her decision with producers, she said she had “no f*cking regrets” but thought Shake eventually would, once he realized what he’d lost.

“A little time from now, he’s going to look back and realize that he lost the best thing of his life,” she said. “And when that day comes, I’ll be long gone. To me, that’s heartbreaking, but I have to see my worth and move on.”

For many fans, this made Deepti “a self-worth/self-love queen.” Many tweeted their support of her decision, making it clear they were absolutely behind her choice. One even called it “the highlight of [their] week,” before adding, “We stan a baddie who knows her worth!” She was also dubbed “an inspiration to women.”

The fact that Deepti had her parents’ support and that they, too, were proud of her also made fans’ hearts happy. Even the Netflix Twitter account shouted them out, dubbing them the real “favorite couple” of Love Is Blind Season 2.

Shake’s role in the situation was definitely not overlooked. There was some anger on Deepti’s behalf directed toward the 32-year-old veterinarian who doubles as a house DJ. Fans pointed out his mixed signals and also displayed some serious schadenfreude about his public rejection.

And the fun isn’t over yet. The Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion is coming soon, and based on the photos Netflix has released, Shake and Deepti will both be there. It looks like fans will get a chance to see if Shake has already realized what he lost and if he has regrets. In the meantime, they can continue to celebrate Deepti, the self-worth queen.