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Kenan & Kel Just Reunited At The 2022 Emmys & Twitter Is Overjoyed

“Seeing Kenan and Kel at the Emmys really warms my millennial heart,” one user tweeted.

At the 2022 Emmys, Kenan and Kel's brief reunion and nod to 'Good Burger' was a sweet showstopper. S...

Despite his proven live comedy chops (including being the longest-running Saturday Night Live cast member in the show’s history), Kenan Thompson’s 2022 Emmys gig was his first time ever hosting this ceremony. Fortunately, he had a friend there to celebrate the honor — his Good Burger partner, Kel Mitchell.

The Kel of Kenan & Kel fame made a surprise cameo during the 2022 Emmys on Sept. 12 — playing a passed-out guest at the ceremony’s bar, where Kumail Nanjiani served as honorary (and disgruntled) bartender. “Why don’t you take this guy’s order over here?” Thompson asked the unassuming patron. “Excuse me, sir, can we get you a drink or something?”

That sleepy guest, of course, turned out to be none other than Mitchell himself — who perked up and asked for a different kind of refreshment instead: “You know what, can I get a Good Burger?”

Thompson put on a show of surprise at seeing his onscreen bestie (and IRL friend of more than 25 years), but you could feel the pair’s genuine delight at appearing in a sketch together. Twitter was pretty into it, too, with users sharing their nostalgia at the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment — which actually lasted less than a minute.

After their Emmys moment, Thompson and Mitchell shared a sweet behind-the-scenes photo on social media.

At one point, the iconic ’90s duo did not necessarily have the strongest friendship — and in 2012, Mitchell told TMZ that “Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media, or even have my name mentioned around him.” However, in 2017, Thompson told HuffPost that the pair were on great terms, and “call each other and text each other all the time.” And by 2019, they were even working together as co-executive producers on the All That reboot.