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Can’t The Bachelor Give Us One Moment Of Peace?

I’m tired.

Mara and Sarah fighting on 'The Bachelor'

Shanae Ankney may finally be gone, but unfortunately, the Bachelor drama didn’t leave with her. The Feb. 21 episode of Clayton Echard’s season opened almost immediately with another fight — this time between Mara Agrait and Sarah Hamrick. Apparently we cannot even get one moment of peace on this show!!

After Sarah returned to the mansion from her second one-on-one date, she walked through the door and immediately confronted the women about what Clayton told her — that someone had told him she wasn’t ready for marriage. She had to wait quite a while for someone to fess up, but Mara eventually admitted that she was the one who’d brought it up. Mara claimed she was only looking out for Clayton’s best interests. Obviously, Sarah didn’t buy it. She snapped back that Clayton saw Mara’s comments as a “last-ditch attempt” to sow doubt about her by someone who knew she was going to be sent home.

The following night, right before the rose ceremony, Mara pulled Sara aside. She didn’t appreciate the “last-ditch” comment, nor did she like that Sarah had called the other contestants “in-betweens.” “You’re getting a little sloppy, and it’s showing,” Mara told Sarah, accusing her of being manipulative. “It would behoove you to take a step back with the comments.”

Sarah tried to defend herself, but the conversation wasn’t very productive, and both women ultimately walked away still frustrated. Bachelor fans, meanwhile, were simply tired of all the fighting.

The rest of the women, on the other hand, seemed to be happy to have some entertainment. They eavesdropped for the entirety of the conversation, peeking out from a nearby window and listening by the door.

Ultimately, Clayton sent Mara home during the rose ceremony and told Sarah to leave after he began feeling she was disingenuous and couldn’t trust her. Does this mean the drama is finally behind us? Knowing The Bachelor, probably not.