The Best Memes & Tweets From The 2024 Met Gala

The star-studded evening was filled with blink-and-you-miss-it moments.

Some of the Met Gala's best memes and tweets were about Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo.

While the 2024 Met Gala brought the return of fashion’s biggest night, it was also a fun night for those at home. Fans were quick to document the event via memes and tweets, commenting on everything from first-time guests to a surprise Wicked moment.

Below, some of the best memes and tweets from the May 6 gala.

A Wicked Reunion

Even though Wicked doesn’t premiere until the end of the year, co-stars Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo have been celebrating the movie musical every chance they get, which included a sweet reunion at the Met Gala carpet.

One fan on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out that the pair’s contrasting ensembles could represent the “dark and light” of their Wicked characters, while another gave a shout-out to the stars’ passionate promotion for the film: “I can’t tell if the Wicked publicists have the easiest or hardest job ever since Cynthia Erivo and Ariana Grande have been promoting on overdrive for a year now.”

In an interview with Vogue, Grande pointed out that her mother-of-pearl gown by Loewe had pink and green hues, “for Glinda’s bubble and for Wicked.” She also teased that there would be “a little something soon” to look forward to. Erivo, who wore custom Thom Browne, praised her “spectacular” Wicked cast.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They weren’t the only Wicked actors at the May 6 event. Michelle Yeoh, who’ll play Madam Morrible, was there, as was Jeff Goldblum, who’ll play the Wizard of Oz. The latter wore green-tinted glasses, which one user was sure must have come from set.

Lana Del Rey & Kim Kardashian’s Interview Moment

Speaking of dynamic duos, Kim Kardashian reunited with friend and recent SKIMS muse Lana Del Rey for a red-carpet interview. Kim and Alexander McQueen’s Seán McGirr had to momentarily swerve to avoid being hit by the “Margaret” singer’s larger-than-life ensemble.

Kevin Mazur/MG24/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

“I’m crying at lana nearly knocking out kim with her outfit,” wrote one user, with another saying they were “concerned” for the SKIMS founder. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the making of this Met Gala moment — and people loved the surprise pairing. “THIS IS HUGE TO ME,” wrote one fan.

The AI “Attendees”

A few AI-generated images were floating around social media. One image purported to show Katy Perry in a flower-adorned gown received more than a quarter million likes on X (formerly Twitter) within three hours of being posted. People were disappointed and concerned about AI’s ability to dupe so many users.

A Sartorial Snack?

Several viewers were confused (and then amused) by Michael Shannon, who held an apparent bag of Balenciaga-branded chips on the Met Gala carpet. As one fan put it, the accessory was “such a mood.”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While Shannon’s accessory du jour might seem like a quick pre-dinner snack, the Balenciaga website actually describes the “chips” as a glossy calfskin bag — and it can be yours for a whopping $1,850.

The No-Shows

As is the case with most red carpets, there were several notable absences that had fans hoping for late arrivals. “met gala is over ??? no rihanna? no blake lively?” tweeted one fan in despair, while another said they were “pretending to not care about katy perry appearing at the met gala,” in the hopes that it might make her show up.

According to People, Rihanna had to cancel because she’d come down with the flu. Or, as one user said, “The flu has RIHANNA.”

One user was “trying to still find joy” without Beyoncé and Rihanna, while another posted an image of a typewriter on the Met Gala carpet in a nod to Taylor Swift’s absence.