Nadia Accidentally Predicted Her You Season 4 Fate With This Line

She solved the season’s whodunit — but at what cost?

Joe's student and murder mystery mentee gets into trouble during the new 'You' episodes. Here's Nadi...

Spoilers ahead for You Season 4 Part 2. During the first half of You Season 4, Nadia and Joe (sorry, Jonathan Moore) forged a friendly and seemingly innocuous connection: a young writer with an affinity for the whodunit, and a professor who encouraged her literary pursuits. In fact, many fans pointed out that Nadia was seemingly stepping into the Ellie role in Joe’s life — a precocious pal but definitely not a romantic interest, seemingly ensuring that Nadia would be spared from Joe’s violent tendencies.

However, the second half of You Season 4 changed things for Nadia. She had a nagging feeling that Joe might be connected to the Eat the Rich killings and enlisted the help of her classroom rival-turned-boyfriend, Edward, to get to the bottom of things. As she told Edward, there was “so much coverage on this Eat the Rich Killer,” who Joe framed as Phoebe’s stalker. “But there’s so little actual information. Everyone just loves a crazy woman.”

Sadly, Nadia’s observation accidentally foreshadowed her own fate in the You Season 4 finale. But what happened, exactly?

After Nadia followed her hunch and discovered Marienne in Joe’s cell, she resolved to help Marienne escape and get back to her daughter, Juliette. Ultimately, she provided Marienne with pills that helped slow her heart and convince Joe she was dead — leading him to dump her body in a local park.

And kudos for pulling it off! Because it’s no small thing to outwit Joe Goldberg. However, Nadia told Edward that she didn’t “trust it was enough,” as long as Joe was still out there. With Edward’s help, she broke into Joe’s apartment and found an incriminating box of Rhys Montrose stuff, which she would use to out Joe as the real killer.

But upon exiting the house, Joe caught Nadia after he killed Edward, who was waiting outside. Joe deleted the incriminating Rhys evidence but told Nadia he didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t mind forcing her fingerprints onto the knife that killed Edward, though, or planting a box of Rhys paraphernalia at Nadia’s house. The ruse? Make Nadia look like Rhys’ killer, and Edward the poor tipster who turned her in (and paid for it).

“Tell them all about me,” he said, police sirens moving closer. “No one’s gonna believe you — so you’ll live. You’re right, I want that for you. Honestly, my greatest pride as a teacher is that I could help you grow.”

Before leaving Nadia to her doomed fate, Joe said he was “looking forward to watching what [she does] next.” And in a monologue, he addressed Nadia’s fate beyond the day: she was in prison and did not speak in her defense. “Like I said: smart.”

Amy-Leigh Hickman, who plays Nadia, told Square Mile that none of the actors knew who the killer actually was while filming. “And I was convinced it was me ... I was quietly confident!” she said.

Things definitely look bleak for Nadia at this point: as Joe wisely told her, it would be hard to find someone to believe her even if she talked. Plus, Joe is now extra protected by the money and connections afforded by Kate’s inherited business empire. But still — Nadia was smart enough to save Marienne. Maybe there’s a way for the surviving women to stop Joe in a future season.