All The Nice Things Said About Naya Rivera Since She Passed Away

It’s been nearly one year since the Glee star’s tragic death in July 2020, and her onscreen and offscreen families continue to remember her legacy.

Naya Rivera and her child Josey Hollis in 2019.
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Fans of Naya Rivera will get to see the late star in her final acting role on June 22 when DC Comics unveils Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One, in which Rivera voices the iconic Catwoman. Leading up to the film’s release — almost a year after her tragic death in July 2020 — her family members and famous friends have been speaking out about her talent, legacy, and pure love for her son Josey. The tributes have been pouring in the past 12 months.

Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Ryan Dorsey

“We can’t say the word happy but we’ll say thank you for being a mother & giving me this sweet amazing boy,” said Ryan Dorsey, her ex-husband and the father of their son Josey, in an Instagram tribute on the first Mother’s Day after Rivera’s death. The caption accompanied a photo of Naya and Josey sharing a milkshake.